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20160823-2350: German O-Federation
Norwegischer Sieg zum TempO
In Strömstad wurde heute der Weltmeistertitel im TempO vergeben. Nach der Qualifikation am Vormittag und dem Finale am Nachmittag setzte sich der Norweger Lars Jakob Waaler durch. Deutsche Teilnehmer starteten nicht im TempO.
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20160823-2237: Portuguese Orienteering Blog
WTOC 2016: Moments (2)
© Joaquim Margarido
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20160823-2211: Pre-o Eliten
VM gull til Lars Jakob
VM gull i TempO til Lars JakobFoto: Marianne DæhliEtter dagens TempO kunne endelig Lars Jakob Waaler fra Porsgrunn o-lag, og Norge, ta steget helt på toppen av seierspallen. Lars Jakob har deltatt i samtlige av de 13 verdensmesterskapene i TrailO (pre-o) som har blitt arrangert, men har aldri tidligere vært på pallen individuelt. Etter å ha kommet på den sure fjerde plassen under fjorårets VM i Kroatia, ble det endelig en individuell VM medalje på ...
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20160823-2200: Ursula Kadan Facebook
34th place at WOC Middle DistanceAs you can hear in the vid...
34th place at WOC Middle Distance As you can hear in the video below, I didnt start out too well at todays middle distance race. After 30 seconds extra loop to the first control and another bigger mistake to number 4 (climbing up the hill too late) I was already caught up by Susen Lösch from Germany. The rest of the race we ran more or less together and without bigger mistakes. I ended up in 34th place, not what I had hoped for. But I really enjoyed racing in this beautiful forest (especi ...
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20160823-2157: Portuguese Orienteering Blog
WTOC 2016: Moments (1)
© Joaquim Margarido
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20160823-2154: Daniel Hubmann Facebook
GPS animation of today's WOC Middle! #WOC2016
GPS animation of todays WOC Middle! #WOC2016
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