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20211009-1706: Austrian O-Federation
Siegerehrung JUFA Sprintcup 2019
Kein Tippfehler! Coronabedingt konnte die Siegerehrung für den JUFA Sprintcup 2019 nicht wie geplant im Frühjahr 2020 durchgeführt werden. Nachgeholt wird die Siegerehrung nun am Samstag, 16. Oktober 2021, nach der ÖSTM/ÖM Mixed Sprint Staffel in Wien – Seestadt Aspern. […]
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20211008-1308: Austrian O-Federation
Der Herbsttermin ist für das Austria MTBO Team offenbar ein Garant für erfolgreiche Wettkämpfe (vgl. Deutschland 2019)! Heute ergänzte die Elite unsere kleine, aber feine Jugend- und Juniorenmannschaft mit dem Start zur Mitteldistanz-Europameisterschaft und zum Weltcupfinale im Dornen-Eldorado Alcaravela-Sardoal . […]
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20210913-0708: Ursula Kadan Facebook
I've got the best 🇦🇹 team buddies EVER - ...
Ive got the best 🇦🇹 team buddies EVER - look what theyve made for Theresa!! 😍 Every white patch was designed by one national team member and two busy bees put it all together. The bottom side is water-repellent - perfect for wet grass in orienteering arenas! 😃 We used it already at the Austria Cup last weekend and were looking forward to spreading it out in many more finish areas. 😊 Thank you so much!! ❤️
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20210815-1556: Gernot Kerschbaumer Facebook
I had the honour to run worldcup relay with this two handsome...
I had the honour to run worldcup relay with this two handsome boys 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️😎 It was challenging and fun to run the last leg. 7th place in the nations ranking (cloooose to diploma), 12th in total. Guat gmocht Buam (=bra jobbat grabbar 😁 #heeressportzentrum #sportpoolburgenland #lbhus
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20210814-2018: Ursula Kadan Facebook
First time in the forest with map and compass (and even SI ca...
First time in the forest with map and compass (and even SI card!) for quite some time... 😍
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20210811-1457: Gernot Kerschbaumer Facebook
Tomorrow, it's time for worldcup again. On tomorrow's...
Tomorrow, its time for worldcup again. On tomorrows longdistance in Idrefjäll, Sweden, I will try to secure my first worldcup points for this season (after skipping over sprint EOC). The final preparation was pretty good and really nice in the Swedish mountains/hills. Last week, we spent training days in Sälen, getting acquainted with the high altitude ;) - doing many nice orienteering training and some biking sessions. On monday, we moved to Idrefjäll and I have to admit t...hat ...
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