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20180204-0033: Emily Kemp
Curiosity and Wonder
Just over one year ago now, I was incapable of orienteering without breaking down into tears. In the middle of the forest, alone with my thoughts, I would be overwhelmed by a wave of panic and despair. It was confusing for me since, for so long, orienteering had been my safe place, the way that I could escape from the stresses of life. I kept pushing myself though, which lead me to the bottom of a depression where I didnt even know how to be alive anymore. At that time, I decided that WOC was so ...
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20180114-0551: Emily Kemp
Last spring, the very talented photographer, Jaana Honkanen, and I worked on a photography project together. In the beginning, I wrote that:For me it is a journey towards acceptance, compassion and love for myself just the way I am.For five months, we documented all sides of what it was like for me to be an elite athlete: the sunny and the somber. I wanted to show the joy that training and competing gave me, but also the struggles that I was facing as my own expectations became higher and toughe ...
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20180101-2318: Orienteering Canada
2018 National Orienteering Week
Date Name / location Location May 19 May 20 May 21 May 22 May 23 World Orienteering Day worldwide May 24 May 25 May 26 May 27 National Orienteering Week resources from clubs and associations: Clubs: email us ( your 2018 NOW events date, location and link so that we can add it to [...]
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20171222-0134: Orienteering Canada
December 2017 newsletter published
The latest Orienteering Canada newsletter is now available here. 2017, December Vol 23: Controller’s Notes Update from Orienteering Canada Vancouver Sprint Camp 50th Anniversary Endowment Fundraising Campaign Orienteering Canada’s Inaugural Hall of Fame Inductees Introducing the Point to Point Interview Series 50th Anniversary Merch for Sale! 2018 North American and Canadian Orienteering Championships From the [...]
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20171219-0558: Orienteering Canada
Volunteer Opportunities: Team Managers for Canada at 2018 WOC...
Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Committee is seeking applicants for the volunteer positions of Team Managers at the 2018 World and Junior World Orienteering Championships. Applications are due by January 15, 2018. Details are available at these links: Team Manager at the 2018 World Orienteering Championships Team Manager at the 2018 Junior World Orienteering Championships [...]
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20171208-0014: Emily Kemp
Time to take a breath
In the winter of 2014, I was interviewed by Merja Kallikari as a Canadian orienteer just having moved to Finland. We talked about training with the Turku Sports Academy and joining the club Angelniemen Ankkuri. This autumn, Merja contacted me again but with a very different type of interview in mind. She had been following my updates on social media about the difficulties of this last year and proposed writing an article in the Turku newspaper about what Ive learned about myself in sport and in ...
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