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20181103-0523: Orienteering Canada
2019 High Performance Program Applications Due November 25
Orienteering Canada’s High Performance Committee is seeking applications from athletes to become members of the 2019 High Performance Program (HPP). All athletes who meet the eligibility requirements and who have a strong desire to improve their abilities with a long or short term goal of representing Canada in orienteering are encouraged to apply to the [...]
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20180814-0454: Orienteering Canada
Orienteering Canada Conference Schedule
2018 Orienteering Canada Conference Wednesday August 22, 2018 Coast High Country Inn, 4051 4th Avenue – Ballroom B Schedule 9:00 What’s Happening in Mapping in Canada? Hosted by: Mapping Committee 10:00 Hosting Championship Events Hosted by: Major Events Committee 11:00 Revitalizing the Canada Cup Series Hosted by: Technical Committee 12:00 Lunch – on own 13:00 [...]
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20180809-1606: Orienteering Canada
2018 Annual General Meeting
Date: Wednesday August 22, 2018. Time: 3:00 pm Location and address: Coast High Country Inn, Ballroom B, 4051 – 4th Avenue Whitehorse, Yukon The AGM is the one time of year when all the members of Orienteering Canada (the provincial/territorial associations) gather to discuss and decide on the business tasks of the association (such as [...]
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20180802-1758: Orienteering Canada
High Performance Program Silent Auction – Seeking D...
Every year the High Performance Program (HPP) holds a silent auction fundraiser at the Canadian Orienteering Championships. Proceeds go towards supporting our elite athletes. This year the silent auction will be at the North American Orienteering Championship’s banquet on Monday, August 20th. Members of the High Performance Program will be donating items, but we greatly [...]
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20180715-0627: Emily Kemp
Love My Body
Theyre etched into my mind like a scene from a horror movie that I wish I could forget but instead gets played over and over again; who it was, the look on their face, the sound of their voice, the words they said and how they made me feel - ashamed, worthless, fat.I can remember every single time anyone ever commented on my weight or my body: youve got a big tummy , as an athlete you should lose a few kilos , youre getting fat.The rules started with no sweets one month before the major champion ...
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20180624-0703: Emily Kemp
Comeback or Coming Forward?
The events of January as seen from the perspective of my psychiatrist:Week 1:I have no idea what Im going to do after I graduate or how Ill be allowed to stay in Europe! (wringing hands)Week 2: I had a phone interview yesterday and am going to Helsinki on Monday for a face-to-face interview! (nervously bouncing in chair)Week 3: I got the job! I started working yesterday and am moving to Helsinki in June! (eyes wide in shock)It was a whirlwind few weeks to say the least and my psychiatrist could ...
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