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20210923-2242: Orienteering England
VHI 2021 Cancelled
Unfortunately it has been impossible to organise the VHI 2021 Weekend on November 6th/7th as had been hoped. Apologies to those who may have made special efforts to attend selection races. It is still hoped that England will be able to send a team to Interland 2022, including Vets as usual. Andy Hemsted (HOC, Chair, […]
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Just like home
In local dresses, Reeta Kolkkala got to celebrate her second overall triumph and Yuri Omeltchenko danced for his first at the Park World Tour in Kunming, China, 31.10.2000. Why did Reeta praise the final race and the organisers? Navigate yourself to good answers in the PWT anniversary book Made for loving it.
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All in place
20.10.2013 Changchun, China, saw a foggy race day, which later postponed the group’s flight to Beijing and stranded the athletes along with several thousand other people to Changchun airport. Before the race, Robert Merl, 10th among the men’s race that day, made sure everyone was in place for the opening ceremony. Photos and the map … Continue reading All in place
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A great beginning
In the last days, the first World Orienteering Day hit Mauritius for the very first time.  Many events were organized all over the country and hundreds of teachers and students were involved.  This success was made possible thanks to the great work of the new-born Mauritius Orienteering Federation, spreading the knowledge of Orienteering through a webinar held earlier … Continue reading A great beginning
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20210916-1323: Orienteering England
Interland 2022 – Junior Selection Policy
The selection policy for Juniors in the 2022 Interland Cup to be held in The Adennes, Southern Belgium on 24th April 2022 is available from the link below: Interland 2022 – Junior Selection Policy
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Filling the stadium
In front of crowded grand-stands, Grant Bluett sprinted in for a Park World Tour win at Hongkou Football Stadium in Shanghai, China 28.10.2000. Brigitte Grüniger, Lucie Böhm, Sarah Rollins and Eva JuÅ™eníková took over as cheerleaders on a lap of honour in a thrilling atmosphere. How many controls were set inside the stadium – and … Continue reading Filling the stadium
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