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20200625-1630: On The Red Line
2021: Sprint Orienteering
As Lockdown began there were eight GB athletes in the top 50s of the Sprint World Rankings The pandemic has made clear there are important things bigger than any sport. Health, wellbeing, work, travel, weddings, family visits. Gosh, it even stopped professional football and reduced how much it was in the news. Those for whom orienteering is a big recreational interest felt quite a sense of loss, as planned outings and trips were cancelled, and events didnt hap ...
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We are continuing the work with the memory book for the 25th years celebration of Park World Tour. We wished to have the book ready for Sprint WOC 2020 in Denmark, but since WOC has been cancelled, we are organizing a separate book release and anniversary celebration event later on this year. As one of … Continue reading PWT 25th ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION & RACE
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20200507-1531: Orienteering Memes
When next WOC Sprint takes place, many years from now, will t...
When next WOC Sprint takes place, many years from now, will this guy be able to defend his title once again?
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20200507-0915: Orienteering Memes
WOC 2020 is cancelled, which means Daniel Hubmann and Maja Al...
WOC 2020 is cancelled, which means Daniel Hubmann and Maja Alm will be reigning Sprint World Champions for a long time!
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20200503-1720: On The Red Line
March/April Roundup
Chris Smithard, JK Champion 2019, Co-ordinator Lockdown Orienteering, 2020. At Easter 2019, Chris Smithard won the overall JK Individual Trophy with two hours and nine minutes running, by a margin of just seven seconds. Peter Bray was second and Will Gardner third (28 seconds down.) At Easter 2020 Chris was coordinating an online festival Lockdown for 500 international orienteers. It included 12 stages, and a good deal of social ...
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20200502-0858: Orienteering Memes
What should've been today....
What shouldve been today....
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