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Hands in the air
Above the sounds and ships of Stockholm, Sweden, careful navigation brings Maria Sandström to a first Park World Tour victory at Skansen outdoor museum and zoo 23.4.1999. Johanna Asklöf flies in third, 3,6 seconds behind. Which control is Johanna heading for? Check out the full course – and 120 more – in Made for loving … Continue reading Hands in the air
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From an island to another
Hirokazu Osaki crossing from one of the many island to another in the Old Summer Palace of Beijing on 30.10.2017. How many different islands did the athletes cross? Make your route choices and count your islands on the map in Made for loving it.
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20210609-1555: On The Red Line
World Champs Team
Ralph Street in a WOC Test Race, credit Petr Kadeřávek The World Championships (WOC) in Czechia begin with Sprint Qualifications and Final on Saturday 3rd July. The Great Britain Team has been selected. The team includes six women and seven men, and includes five athletes making their WOC debut. As the other eight all have at least three previous WOCs, it is an easy description that the team combines a lot of ...
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Under the crown
In an open spring forest in Farum, Denmark, 26.3.1999, eager spectators, journalists and passengers get to watch Carsten Jørgensen heading for the wrong control and challenging a train. Which novelty did the Park World Tour introduce in the 1999 season opening? Punch into Made for loving it and find out.
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One hundred times
Race number 100, on 31.10.2017, together with the unveiling ceremony of the local newly build PWT International Orienteering Park in Linqigu, China, gave reason for a lot of celebration, and a cake, of course. Who celebrated the victories and got to cut the cake first? Find out in Made for loving it.
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Loved by all
Hans Mårtensson, Ola Gustafsson, Gåvert Wååg and the other Park World Tour crew members were overwhelmed by the gift they got in Gothenburg, Sweden, 15.8.1998: New headgear from the top orienteers, thanking them for an amazing season. What was a dominating element of the final at amusement park Liseberg? Find your flow in Made for … Continue reading Loved by all
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