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20190422-1900: On The Red Line
JK Relays & Individual Overall
Jo, Megan and Cecilie together after their runs on Sunday (credit Iain Shepherd) It was another warm day in Southern England for the biggest relay event in the UK Calendar: the JK (Jan Kjellström) Relays. As with the other days of this JK festival pretty much everything was brilliant - planning, parking, layouts, final details, helpful officials, atmosphere. Most runners were challenged by the good courses and enjoyed t ...
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20190421-1925: On The Red Line
JK Long Results
Dave Rollins and Heather Monro There was no prizegiving for the the racing at Cold Ash today but there was a presentation by past members of the British team, represented by Heather Monro (ran at 8 x WOC, and a bronze medal in 2005) to former manager Dave Rollins who led many GB international trips. The provisional results - today only (not the two days combined) Women: Megan Carter-Davies Cecilie Andersen Lizzie Ingham Men: Chri ...
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20190421-0750: On The Red Line
JK Long Preview
Photo: Kris Jones in last years World Champs Forest Relay, by Janis Ligats for WOC2018 Latvia. (This is a republication of a post inadvertently deleted, although given how Kriss predictions turned out - not entirely Kriss fault with both tipped men not starting - we perhaps need not have bothered ) Kris Jones is not running the JK this year. He is currently recovering and training in Albuquerque, New Mexico. So we will have a n ...
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20190420-1830: On The Red Line
JK Middle Results
Graham Gristwood runs in at Windmill Hill Quick runs from top runners coming back from longtime injuries were one of the stories of the day. Graham Gristwood was second in todays mens race, and Cat Taylor won the womens. Neither is able to take on tomorrows long race though, but we should see them in Mondays relays and in TioMIla next weekend.. The mens race was won by a terrific run from Peter Hodkinson, and third place was take ...
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20190420-0700: On The Red Line
JK Sprint Results
Will Gardner on the run-in The JK Sprint Champions are Will Gardner and Megan Carter-Davies. Both kindly shared their immediate thoughts - post-race interviews on Twitter. Official results The races were at Aldershot Home of The British Army, which was a great venue and looking particularly lovely in the warm sunshine. Nearly all of each course was in the secure garrison area, with fast running mostly on tarmac or flagstones. The ...
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20190418-1855: On The Red Line
JK Middle Preview
Photo: Kris Jones in last years World Champs Forest Relay, by Janis Ligats for WOC2018 Latvia. On The Red Line Comment. Most years the JK Middle is arguably the most competitive domestic race. This is because of the quality of the terrain, map and planning, the quality of the field (and that they are all going 100%) and the timing with regard to selection. This year the mens field has all the top runners from the UK ranking list ...
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