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20180219-1354: Kris Jones
At last weeks Armagh 5km, 94 men ran under 15 minutes. This astounding depth is part of the reason the race is one of the most talked about races on the early season calendar. I can attest that it is a crazy race to take part of. I have only run in the race once, but my experience tallies with that of those who have run it many times. It is run with your foot to the floor the whole way as there is always someone there to push the pace on the front. With the race taking in five short laps of the ...
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20180206-2042: NOPESPORT
Scottish Spring 23rd-25th March
An action packed weekend with five high quality races including sprint, middle distance, classic and night orienteering. Brought to you by the Great Britain senior squad, SEDS, ScotJos, and our supporters.Read whole story...
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20180125-1205: Orienteering England
Interland 2018 – England Team
The England team for the Interland Cup 2018 can be viewed from the following link: Interland 2018 – England Team
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Video – Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Champion...
China, 2018: PWT and the Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship would like to present the video from the events.
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20180108-1842: Orienteering England
JHI 2018 – Junior Selection Policy
The selection policy for junior competitors for the 2018 Home International competition is now available from the following link: JHI 2018 – Junior Selection Policy
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20180108-0000: Catherine Taylor
Time to break a long silence. Too long maybe, but it was hard to write until now because every story needs an ending, every problem a solution. And I’ve been having problems. Or one problem, only it’s taken ages to figure out what. But I’ll start in autumn, high motivation for the next season and two months at home. A good start for good training, I thought. I was laying some plans for the next few months and one of the big aims was to really get a lot form my harder sessi ...
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