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Beyond the revolution
Among 4000 visitors and 400 eager students, waiting to get out on the course, Vroni König-Salmi scored a fourth straight victory at the Park World Tour in Nanjing, China, 23.10.2001. Which of her compatriots experienced a change of colour when the ceremonies at Yuhuatai Martyrs’ Park were over? Discover what happened in Made for loving … Continue reading Beyond the revolution
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Park World Tour Academy visited Mauritius with a tight agenda...
Mr Jaroslav Kacmarcik, also IOF delegate of the Global Development Commission, and Ms Giulia Zenere, delegate of Park World Tour Academy, were welcomed by the Orienteering M, temporary Orienteering Federation of Mauritius.   The purposes of the visit were to develop orienteering as sport in the school system and find suitable venues for orienteering races, … Continue reading Park World Tour Academy visited Mauritius with a tight agenda of meetings aimed to develop Orienteering in the whol ...
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Torrential rain in the rice fields
Rice fields, corn fields, chili trees, bamboos. You could have made a meal out of what this terrain had to offer, besides the torrential rain that turned most of the terrain into mud fields on 21.9.2012 in Wansheng. One runner was even able to completely destroy his map, yet able to finish the race. Who … Continue reading Torrential rain in the rice fields
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Save the next dance for us
Accompanied by Swedish cover band De Sotos, Jenny Johansson joined organiser Varoros Paribatra on the dance floor in Bangkok, Thailand, 20.10.2001. Gabor Domonyik, Tore Sandvik, Brigitte Grüniger, Jonas Pilblad and Mikhail Mamleev grabbed the microphones themselves. Who in the karaoke quintet won the Park World Tour race in Queen Sirikit Park? Find the right tunes … Continue reading Save the next dance for us
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20211004-2235: Orienteering England
JHI 2021 – Selections
The team to represent England in the 2021 Junior Home International competition to be held in South East England can be viewed from the following link: JHI 2021 – Selections
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20211002-1111: Orienteering England
Interland 2022 – Vets Selection Policy
The selection policy for Vets in the 2022 Interland Cup to be held in The Adennes, Southern Belgium on 24th April 2022 is available from the link below: Interland 2022 – Vets Selection Policy
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