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20191009-2000: Dan Chissick - Israel
Start of Season
The orienteering season kicked off officially last weekend with a league sprint event at Ramat Hashofet, only 20 minutes from home. This enabled all three of us (Roni, myself and Alon) to participate, in that order – because neither of us can follow Alon before we finish our own courses. That’s the only real advantage […]
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20190705-2000: Dan Chissick - Israel
The Book
For the past five years, I’ve been writing a book. I’ve also kept it secret, so I managed to surprise everybody at the General Assembly of the ISOA (Israel Sport Orienteering Association). The book is my orienteering autobiography, and I called it “ניתוח ציר – סיפורו של נווט”, which translates as “Route Choice – an […]
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20190625-2000: Dan Chissick - Israel
Sprint Relay
Our club relay this year was a sprint. The event was initially scheduled for January (in the forest), then postponed to March, then May, June 15th, and finally June 22nd. And at this time of year it had to be a sprint because of the heat. I don’t think our only major relay race should […]
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20190610-1900: Dan Chissick - Israel
The Next Generation
I mean the next generation in my family… Last Saturday we went to a sprint event in Jerusalem. Roni ran, and then Alon (8 years old) did the family course with me. I showed him where to start, made sure he crossed the roads safely, and corrected him once when he left a control in […]
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20190603-2000: Dan Chissick - Israel
Bad Timing
On Friday we had a small Long-O mass start event in Kiryat Ata Forest, not far from home. It was organised by the youths of Technion Carmel O-Club, who did a great job, but for me personally it was a case of bad timing: Not the right season – the heat wasn’t an issue (the […]
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20190525-1300: Dan Chissick - Israel
Sprint Season
It’s already sprint season here. There are very few forest orienteering events planned, and even some of those are being cancelled because of hot weather. Combine that with a very wet winter that caused lots of cancellations because of rain, and the growing trend towards sprint events anyway, and it’s been a rotten season. But […]
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