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20200609-0600: Dan Chissick - Israel
30 Years of Orienteering
My orienteering career started 30 years ago today, June 9th 1990, when I first went to an orienteering event of my own free will. I had been sent to a few races by my army unit, but I didn’t know that civilian or sport orienteering existed. Then I saw an ad in the newspaper, several […]
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20200602-1900: Dan Chissick - Israel
Orienteering (and other sports) events are now officially allowed again, and the first actual race was in Odem Forest, probably the most suitable for this time of season – there won’t be much orienteering here in the heat of summer, as usual. My endurance is more than OK, but I have no competitive speed and […]
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20200502-1900: Dan Chissick - Israel
Independence day
Wednesday was our (72nd) Independence day. So was Thursday – because lockdown restrictions on sports activities were lifted, having been limited to a 500m radius from home for a couple of weeks (and 100m before that). I celebrated first by running a sprint course in the permitted radius, and then by trying to create a […]
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20200417-1200: Dan Chissick - Israel
More O Corona
I’m lucky to be still working full time, but together with three small children at home that severely limits my spare time, so I don’t have the opportunity to participate in even a fraction of all the virtual O that’s happening in the world. But keeping fit and orienteering are still top priorities, so these […]
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20200330-2000: Dan Chissick - Israel
O Corona
Not much happening, is there? We’ve been under severe lockdown since last Wednesday (March 25th), meaning that you can’t travel more than 100m from your home without cause. For the two weeks before that no organised events were allowed, and there was no school,  but we could go out as a family and Roni and […]
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20200314-2100: Dan Chissick - Israel
Friday the 13th
Our annual Rogaine was planned for Saturday, 14th March (today), in the Ramot Menashe area, about 20 minutes from my home. I’ve been working on it for a year – mapping an additional 25 kmē of terrain, planning, marking controls, updating the old part of the map, and more. As the week progressed, most of […]
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