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20210703-1200: Dan Chissick - Israel
How not to start a WOC
No, not our national team, but the organisers. I was following the GPS tracking of the Sprint Qualification this morning, and wondering why all the runners in Men C (where our top orienteer Nitsan Yasur was starting) were running round the fence after the first control, and then returning: At first I thought the control […]
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20210701-1900: Dan Chissick - Israel
How not to end a season
Our orienteering season ended a couple of weeks ago, after a series of sprint races. It’s too hot now for competitive orienteering here, but good luck to our team at WOC! Usually I don’t care for sprint races, even league events that count for the rankings, but after my back problem I needed a test […]
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20210620-2000: Dan Chissick - Israel
Back (pun intended)
I’m back from a back problem, just in time for the end of the orienteering season and the start of high summer. What happened to my back? Nobody knows, of course. It started gradually over a few days, and then I was barely able to move without acute pain. After taking anti-inflammatory pills for a […]
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20210327-1900: Dan Chissick - Israel
Israeli Championships 2021
Last weekend was the highlight of the season – The Israeli Championship. Already a bit late in the year, with the undergrowth growing a bit tall, but we had very good weather and two great new maps of well-known areas, making up for a very compressed schedule for the organizers. Both areas were also quite […]
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20210313-2100: Dan Chissick - Israel
A Changing of the Guard
The season has started (very late, of course, because of COVID-19), and the first two national events are behind us, with the Israeli Championship already looming on the horizon – next weekend. But this time the landscape has changed. Usually the various age categories, excluding the juniors, have more or less the same people as […]
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20210303-2200: Dan Chissick - Israel
Looking Forward
The 2020-2021 orienteering season has just started. After the “training” events of December we had another month of total lockdown, and another month of training, but now competitions are allowed and they’re trying to cram the whole season in before the summer. So in the next couple of months we have 6 national events (including […]
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Last updated Sat Sep 25 12:00:02 2021