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20181013-1900: Dan Chissick - Israel
There’s always a first time
In nearly 30 years of orienteering I’ve never, ever, skipped a control by mistake and punched the next one, then had to return. Until today. Our official orienteering season kicked off with a league sprint race at Sarid, about 10 minutes from home. This year the league includes 12 races, 4 of them sprints, with […]
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20180515-0500: Dan Chissick - Israel
Watch this
If you’ve never watched an orienteering headcam video from start to finish before, now is the time to start. This is probably the best sprint orienteering terrain I’ve ever seen, captured by Daniel Griff: The route is in part of the Old City of Jerusalem – the Jewish Quarter. Unfortunately I couldn’t participate, but hopefully I’ll […]
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20180321-2000: Dan Chissick - Israel
Rogaine 2018
This year’s Rogaine was in the Jerusalem hills, not far west of Jerusalem. All credit to Noam Ravid for mapping and planning the event, on a very large and tough area. I know how much effort is involved and this was the most challenging we have had. The terrain is hilly, mostly very steep, and […]
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20180228-1900: Dan Chissick - Israel
Maximum Effort
Last weekend was the Israeli Championship. I don’t have many opportunities to race this season, so this was my main goal and most of my training was geared towards this event. I had decided early on to compete in H45 for the first time, mainly because it’s my last opportunity at this age group (next […]
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20180125-1900: Dan Chissick - Israel
On Saturday I ran the Israeli Billygoat event, in which I last participated a couple of years ago. This time I qualified for the 50 and over age group, I was in a hurry (to save Roni from the kids), and I’m trying to work on my speed, so I opted for the Medium course. […]
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20180117-2000: Dan Chissick - Israel
Israel is a small country, and sometimes we feel that we’ve already discovered all the great orienteering terrain, and there’s nothing new left to explore. But last summer I discovered a gem while running the Gilbo’a single-track. A couple of weeks later I had a Lidar base map, and on Friday we held a low-key […]
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