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20180708-1350: South Africa Junior Team
Kirsten says you can look at her attackpoint to see what shes been up to :p
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20180708-1340: South Africa Junior Team
If someone asked me to describe JWOC I would say it’s a way of life, just like running and orienteering. Months of hard work all comes down to a week of running at superhuman speeds, orienteering like no tomorrow, concentrating till you have a headache, discussing till your tired, and more. That’s JWOC. That is the week we are about to have. So how have we prepared.The training plan basically started 6 months ago when three people last saw each other at BIG 5 in South Africa to run s ...
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20180708-1335: South Africa Junior Team
I have been in Hungary for just over a week now and in that time have almost been orienteering non-stop. The first 4 days I was here, we were doing 2 trainings a day after that we have cut done to 1 per day to taper. From the trainings and the bulletin it is evident that the first race, the long, is going to be extremely fast orienteering (the woman’s course is 10.2km with a 57min winning time). This race is tomorrow and Andries and I have early starts while Kirsten has a middle start. In ...
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20180708-1326: South Africa Junior Team
MIDDLE TERRAINSThe middle terrains consist of both more simple and fast running forest, as well as some extremely technical open areas with dense juniper bushes, forming a sort of maze. The green here is generally impenetrable/not feasible to run through, so one often has to navigate through the small open passages to get around.The middle quali is expected to be majority in the faster and less technical terrain, and then the final in the massive maze to the northOld map of the actual middle ter ...
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20180708-1000: South Africa Junior Team
JWOC 2018-Hungary
JWOC starts tomorrow with the Long event. We wish our team comprising of Kirsten Chambers, Christie Courtnage and Andries Swart all the best.
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20180430-2350: South Africa Junior Team
Day 10 South African Youth Tour (final day)
Our final morning! A mad dash around to clean the clubhouse and then we popped across the road to do a quick race on a micro o map. Starting ordered was decided via Ching Chong Cha, and then some chaos ensured as some teams had chosen the same objects to put out in the KEPS-OL style race. Carl also nearly dropped his cellphone (the timer) as people rushed to be clocked in)All were rewarded with our final Swedish pastryIn closing, we asked our squad members to give a response to the following thr ...
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