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20180430-2350: South Africa Junior Team
Day 10 South African Youth Tour (final day)
Our final morning! A mad dash around to clean the clubhouse and then we popped across the road to do a quick race on a micro o map. Starting ordered was decided via Ching Chong Cha, and then some chaos ensured as some teams had chosen the same objects to put out in the KEPS-OL style race. Carl also nearly dropped his cellphone (the timer) as people rushed to be clocked in)All were rewarded with our final Swedish pastryIn closing, we asked our squad members to give a response to the following thr ...
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20180430-2347: South Africa Junior Team
Day 9 South African Youth Squad
Sunday finally came, a day where we could just relax and have fun. After having a little bit of a lie in, we got ready and took the 401 to Slussen. This time, however we walked over the bridge to Gamla Stan and then caught a ferry across the water to the amusement park, Gronalund. Everyone was so excited and once we had bought tickets, we split into two groups. I was with Ryno, Luan, Heather, Sarah, Carla, Carl, Tania and Paul. Dylan, Tristan, Tinus and Cameron went off on their own mission.The ...
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20180430-0115: South Africa Junior Team
Day 8 South African Youth Squad (TioMila-part 2)
The other half of us had a late start as our races were later on in the day. Wedashed off the public transport again to get to our long walk to get to the TioMila event. When we got there, there were already a lot of people everywhere from runners to supporters. Over 6500 athletes took part in the 3 different relays (youth, women and men). Wefinally found the OK Ravinen tent where we kept all our bags. The people who didnt participate in the Relay got ready to run the open courses on the day. Pe ...
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20180430-0057: South Africa Junior Team
Day 8 South African Youth Squad (TioMila Youth Relay experien...
Getting up early is never fun, but this particular morning we were all very excited as we were about to run in the most exciting event weve ever been a part of. Or at least Sarah, Carla, Cameronand I were with Paul and Taniaaccompanying us.The rest would be joining us later that day. After theLong train ride and 2km walk , we arrived at the event arena that was completely packed with people. A lot more than we were used to back in SA!( a constant stream of people walking from the rains and their ...
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20180429-2350: South Africa Junior Team
Day 7 South African Youth Squad
Friday 27 April,our day started off with the treat ofsleeping in a little later, which was very nice after all the early morning trainings. When we woke up we had to makeour lunch to take with because it was going to be a long day out. Wethen tooksome photos inour youth tour race kit (plus some fun jumping ones).With photos taken, we quickly caught the 11:00 bus and then a train for our 2 hour journey toour destination. After climbing off the train we had the another long walk to the event cente ...
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20180427-0939: South Africa Junior Team
Day 6 South African Youth Squad
Today we woke at 8 with the intention to leave at 9 . Everyone had breakfast (cereal or Swedish bread). Cameron was cutting it fine and only woke up at 8:40 but still managed to get ready in time. At 9:05 we rushed to the bus stop but missed the bus with about 30 seconds and then had to wait another 15 minutes for the next bus.We had some early morning training in the forest we went to yesterday.We decided it would be better to take the bus instead of running back and forth as we are doing a lot ...
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