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20190812-1805: South Africa Orienteering Team
Race schedule
This week the races start.Tomorrow is the middle qualification. Top 15 from each heat will qualify to run in the final on Friday. On Wednesday will be the long distance which is 16km in tough Norwegian terrain.You can follow the race live here:
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20190810-1234: South Africa Orienteering Team
Ive been here for about 2 weeks now.Luckily through Sigmund Vister and the Flagtreff Orienteering club I could stay at their clubhouse at Einarbu. The boys from JWOC four years ago stayed here. Naming it EinaBru. Meaning ouch bro in south African. Check out their blog from them for some info. I had company for a couple of days in the forum of Colm Moran. Grandmaster in chess, part time orienteer.Did a couple of trainings with the Danish and Chinese teams which were fun. Ill post some links to ma ...
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20190810-1222: South Africa Orienteering Team
WOC 2019
This years World Orienteering Championships will be taking place in Norway. The South African team will consist of just me (Bradley Lund) Ill be running the Middle and Long distance. The last time WOC was in Norway was in Trondheim in 2010. This time the event will be held on the East side of Norway, quite close to the Swedish border. The terrain is super tough going and energy sapping. Have a read through the blog posts from 2010, youll find some interesting comments from the South African team ...
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