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20200529-1634: Vinogradov Blog
New idea for indoor orienteering!
What is the problem with current online orienteering projects (based on Google Street view or CF/O-Virtual)? You are not running! It is more like a puzzle-solving. My idea is to use Zwift training with O-courses. Take a look at the video below:I was running through the streets of London with O-map reading (London city race map, but I have prepared my own course) and navigation (left/right turns and U-turns). Instead of other online orienteering projects, you are physically running and the terrai ...
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20200509-1531: Vinogradov Blog
Is it possible to avoid forgetting important things before th...
Like a coach (National and club) I saw many times when stressed athletes forgot a control description holder, orienteering shoes, accreditation, bib-number, safety cord for the SI-card, and so on. Sometimes it is possible to fix it (wise coach has some extra-things). But forgotten O-shoes or head-lamp with a low battery is gonna be a problem! And it is easy to explain such things: when you are in stress, it is hard to keep in your memory a dozen things! So is it possible to avoid forgetting impo ...
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20190503-1359: Vinogradov Blog
Tim Robertson tells about factors of successful performance i...
Tim Robertson is the first male winner of WOC medals from a country outside of Europe. Like a strong international level O-athlete Tim has own opinion about the role ofphysical capacities, skills, and tactics for successful performance in Orienteering:SprintPhysical - 80Skills - 20(but depends a lot on the terrain. A very difficult sprint course needs a lot more skill)MiddlePhysical - 50Skills - 50LongPhysical - 60-70Skills - 30-40RelayPhysical - 70Skills - 20Tactics - 10P.S. Skills means an ori ...
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20190502-0915: Vinogradov Blog
Marika Teini tells about factors of successful performance in...
Marika Teini is one of the most skillful athletes in modern Orienteering. The reigning European champion in the Middle distance tells us about key factors influence performance in particular O-events.Id say that overall in individual competitions its 75%:20%:5% (physical capacities: navigational skills: tactics).In middle distance maybe 70/25/5 and long and sprint 80/15/5, but I think that it depends more on personal strengths than on discipline. On all the disciplines you can compensate your ph ...
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20190501-0946: Vinogradov Blog
Johan Runesson tells about factors of successful performance ...
What is a performance in Orienteering? How important is physical preparation relevant to other factors that relate to success in Middle, Long, Sprint, Relay? One of the brightest junior athlete and now the World class O-runner -Johan Runesson - tells about the relative importance of physical preparation, navigational skills, and tactics for performance in Orienteering:Sprint 85%:10%:5% lot about running but of course you have to make a clean race! I also believe how you set up your race sometime ...
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