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20170928-0746: Vinogradov Blog
New PB and bronze medal at Moscow Marathon-2017!
24th September Galina Vinogradova participated in Moscow Marathon 2017 at 10 km event. She won a bronze medal and set up new PB = 34:19. The winner was, like last year, Elena Sedova (Russian champion-2017 at 10000 m) with 33:49, and second place got Ekaterina Sokolenko - 34:10 (Russian champion-2017 at 3000msteeplechase).Full results are here. Galina was ahead of several tough distance runners: Natalia Popkova (Russian champion-2015 at 10000m, 32:25.22),Anastasiya Kushnirenko (winner of Perm int ...
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20170916-1539: Vinogradov Blog
We are on Instagram now!
Join us on Instagram! New photo and video materials from training and competitions you can find in our Instagram accounts:Galina Vinogradova: Vinogradov:
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20170831-1448: Vinogradov Blog
186 murdered children during the most horrible terroristic at...
There is one story that I cannot tell without tears. 1st September is a holiday in Russia - The Knowledge Day. Parents, small brothers, and sisters of pupils visitschools and enjoy the beginning of new school year.1st September in 2004 school №1 in Beslan (south of Russian Federation) was captured by 32 terrorists. 1128 children and adults became hostages of some beasts in human form. This terroristic attack was one of several other horrible attacks in 2004 (including suicide bombers in M ...
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20170705-1009: Vinogradov Blog
Trainings of Galina Vinogradova one year before WOC-2017 bron...
I believe that it is important for World-class athletesto spread-out information about their preparation, cause this is a way to increase #transparency. Also, such openness is a part of a professional athletes duty. It is vital to develop our sport in several ways and share knowledge through the Internet.Here are some annual numbers from the trainingof Galina (July 2016- June 2016, 365 days):1) total hours oftrainings: 461:192) hours of strength training: 32:06. Idontcount core exercises, back/a ...
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20170626-1153: Vinogradov Blog
Who is the most technical woman in the season 2016?
Usually, people believe that winner of Middle distance at the main IOF competitions is the most technical athlete. But the problem is that you have the opportunity to win the race with imperfect navigation simple cause you are in really good physical shape. I have developed the method of performance analysis with the aim to estimate the O-technical level of international level athletes (but the original idea was generated by mathematician and O-athlete Egor Kostylev).Step 1. Take all main IOF Mi ...
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20170526-1506: Vinogradov Blog
Analysis of WC sprint race
Yesterday was completed World Cup Sprint race. Courses were very good!! I like this high quality. Maps, analysis of legs are here:Men class map:Women class map:Analysis of legs:Two extra legs in the women class:GPS-tracks (men class) are here: (women class) are here: results are here: are here: ...
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