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20190920-0756: Nika Kalinina
Moving to Göteborg
This year one of my biggest dreams came true: I moved to Sweden, namely Gothenburg, for half a year to study autumn semester as an exchange student in the School of business, economics and law at the University of Gothenburg. It would be hard to explain how desired was this event, so to say that I am totally happy now is to say nothing. I am, moreover, overflown with a wide range of emotions: excitement, curiosity, motivation, a bit fear and embarrassment, but always looking forward to a new day
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20190805-1658: Nika Kalinina
JWOC 2019: how to become a World Champion
I was staying at the start line, looked at the time and then at my description holder, back at the time and again repeated 3 first control points’ numbers. Heard a beep, took the map and began my race. Fastly choosing the best route, dividing the leg in several parts until key objects, generalising orienteering process between them, each 20 seconds looking at the compass, predicting the view, passing attack point, slowing down in the red circle, punching and accurately leaving the point. Then
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20190731-1538: Nika Kalinina
IFK Lidingö SOK
Since the beginning of this year I started to run for Stockholm club IFK Lidingö SOK, situated on Stockholm island Lidingö. It has always been a dream, and now its real - at first I couldnt believe it! My journey with them started in April with Swedish league stages in Karlstad and then continued with a training camp in Stockholm and Skåne until 10mila, where we managed to finish 13th with the 2nd team, just 15 seconds after 11th place - our first team. It was a great start and I was super
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20190614-0716: Nika Kalinina
My first World orienteering Cup - WC 2019 round 1 in Helsinki...
By the results of hardest ever Russian championships, held in Saint-Petersburg region, was determined elite team to represent Russia on the 1st stage of World Cup in Helsinki, Finland. I was selected on a last, 9th place and it was a big success for me! I am only 19 and have 2 more years in juniors class, but the earlier you start to compete with elite, the better you understand the level of competition and start to train on another level. So I went there far not for the 1st places, but to show
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20190503-1359: Vinogradov Blog
Tim Robertson tells about factors of successful performance i...
Tim Robertson is the first male winner of WOC medals from a country outside of Europe. Like a strong international level O-athlete Tim has own opinion about the role ofphysical capacities, skills, and tactics for successful performance in Orienteering:SprintPhysical - 80Skills - 20(but depends a lot on the terrain. A very difficult sprint course needs a lot more skill)MiddlePhysical - 50Skills - 50LongPhysical - 60-70Skills - 30-40RelayPhysical - 70Skills - 20Tactics - 10P.S. Skills means an ori ...
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20190502-0915: Vinogradov Blog
Marika Teini tells about factors of successful performance in...
Marika Teini is one of the most skillful athletes in modern Orienteering. The reigning European champion in the Middle distance tells us about key factors influence performance in particular O-events.Id say that overall in individual competitions its 75%:20%:5% (physical capacities: navigational skills: tactics).In middle distance maybe 70/25/5 and long and sprint 80/15/5, but I think that it depends more on personal strengths than on discipline. On all the disciplines you can compensate your ph ...
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