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20180904-2000: Alex Jospe
Rocky Mountain Orienteering Festival
The Orienteering USA Annual General Meeting was out in Laramie this year at the Rocky Mountain Orienteering Festival, and that seemed like as good an excuse as any to do some orienteering and dust off my map-reading skills before a busy fall. Laramie has some great orienteering, a mix of fast open short-grass prairie, rocky granite stuff, and a little bit of pine forest, thats rapidly dying due to pine beetle infestations. Between the great visibility and the firm ground underfoot, the orienteer ...
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20180816-1147: Alex Jospe
I havent raced much this summer. I had to sit out the Greylock race, with my knee still bumming, and even though Ive since taken myself off the injured list and am training again, I havent found my racing mojo. I miss it.I finally pinned on a number last week, at the Cigna Elliot 5k. It wasnt pretty. A muggy day in the upper eighties, at the end of a workday where Ive drunk more coffee than is advisable and less water than might be recommended, with a big lunch to boot. Ive put down some reasona ...
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20180813-2205: Team USA
WOC Long
Results for the mens and womens races can be found here.Tori:This was my first individual forest race, and although I was initially really nervous when I found out I’d be running a WOC long, I knew that I had put in a lot of physical training over the past year and that I was as prepared as I was going to be. I started the race excited to run in the forest again and to hopefully be cleaner than in the relay. My goal coming in to this race was to take my time: the long is a long race, it’s w ...
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20180808-1410: Team USA
Relay Prep
Tomorrow is the WOC relay and Team USA is getting ready.The women start first at 14:20 (7:20 am on the East Coast). The womens team is Ali, Tori, and Amanda in that order.The men will take to the woods at 16:20 (9:20 am on the East Coast). The mens team is Anton, Greg, and Eric in that order.Itll be an exciting day of racing, but temperatures are forecast to be very warm at 32C (90F). So weve asked the mens alternate, Giacomo to be ready to race and to spray the runners with water in the coachi ...
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20180808-0809: Team USA
WOC 2018: Middle
Team USA had a good day in the middle with Ali coming in 40th and Anton coming in 55th.Here are Alis comments about the race:I started very early (4th starter) and knew I’d have a chance to finish first if everything went well. Happily, my race did go very well! I raced very consistently, with no real mistakes – just one route choice error and a few hesitations close to the circle which were solved with a quick map glance or just looking around. I am totally happy with the result – my goa ...
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20180807-0325: Team USA
WOC 2018: Sprint Relay
The sprint relay was two days ago, and the team had a solid run, holding on to their seed from the previous year finishing in 24th place.Julia started the team off, beating Australia in the run-in to the finish, only 2:31 behind the lead (Tove Alexandersson).Julia handed off to Eric.Eric enjoyed the course since he likes faster sprints, and this was definitely a fast course. He didnt perform as well as he had hoped, but he corrected well and his teammates came through and we had a solid result! ...
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