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20180214-1337: Alex Jospe
Final Eastern Cups
The last three Eastern Cups have gone by in a blur. We were at Rikert the weekend before Masters, and then Craftsbury the weekend after. I only did the skate race at Rikert, knowing Id be needed for waxing at the classic sprint. Plus, conveniently, I dont really enjoy classic sprinting the way I enjoy skate sprinting. Fun to watch lots of my skiers qualify for the heats and move through them with aplomb.RikertSundays individual start 10k was one of those races thats just sort of meh. I didnt hav ...
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20180123-2144: Alex Jospe
Masters World Cup
Last summer, Kathy mentioned to Rob and me that the World Masters were going to be in Minneapolis, and thus we should go race there. Hey, why not? Its an easy trip, no time changes, and lots of support available from all the various people we know in this skiing world. Important to go on a skiing adventure every once in a while, even if its a tame one.Robs connections with the Toko Tech Talk Team led us to Jerry Slaters house, in a comfortable suburb of Minneapolis with a garage dedicated to wax ...
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20180111-1317: Alex Jospe
2017 Racing Review
After my races at the 2016 North American Championships, where I landed on the podium three times, I retired from international orienteering. I expected to be racing less often, and took on a position on the Board of Directors for Orienteering USA. But after a break, I found myself yearning for the thrill of a start line and the suffering of a finish line. I needed some new challenges.The first was an obvious one - having never run a 50-miler, it was time to give that a try. The Stonecat 50 was ...
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20180102-1219: Alex Jospe
Mont Sainte Anne training camp
The usual whirlwind around the holidays took us to Rochester, where we spent some days with my family, and then off to Canada. Only not quite so fast, because Id left my passport in Boston. Luckily that fell into the category of problems that can be solved with money, and I managed to spend Christmas day with my family and still make it back to Boston in time to be rescued by Carina, who had broken in to my house to get the passport and then picked me up from the airport. Ok, NOW we can go to Ca ...
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20171218-1138: Alex Jospe
Fort Kent Eastern Cups
The last time I was in Fort Kent, it was for the U16 Championships in 2015, and the Massachusetts Team was on a coach bus that couldnt quite handle the snowstorm that hit Sunday afternoon. It took us 16 hours with a brief (4-hour) stint in the Aroostook County Mall in Presque Isle, but we eventually made it back to Massaschusetts around 5:30am, just in time for me to head to work on Monday. Maddy, Kathy, Peter and I were the coaches on that bus, and I dont think weve ever fully recovered from th ...
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20171214-1759: Alex Jospe
Ice Weasels
A few weeks ago, we were hanging out with Jess and Graham, and Id clearly had one beer too many, because somehow the topic of Ice Weasels came up, and I agreed to do the race if Graham got into the Killer B field when registration opened that night. There was a text message from Graham in the morning with a confirmation number, so time to sign up for a bike race.I last pedaled my bike with any oomph in 2015. And before that, 2010. But, I still ride bikes to get to work, and sometimes I even ride ...
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