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20180619-1839: Alex Jospe
Boston Sprint Camp and a skier adventure weekend
Ed and I pulled off the fourth year of Boston Sprint Camps two weekends ago. This is a fun event, usually very personal and interactive thanks to the small number of runners. Like the past few years, we had a little over 30 people, and the weather and vibes were great. We used three new orienteering maps - Cutler Park, Millennium Park, and Jamaica Pond - always fun to run on new places! Cutler was a double edged sword. Its a long walk, about a mile, to get down to the good terrain. But then, giv ...
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20180615-2232: Alex Jospe
Unstarted races
May had promised to be this great month of racing. When I lined up the competitions in February, training was on track, and I was super psyched to get to the point of the season where the work is done and youre just reaping the rewards of being really, really, really fit.If youve been reading this blog, youll know that didnt go according to plan. What do you mean, Im only human? So anyway, what with 7 Sisters, the Billygoat, the Sugarloaf marathon, and the Westchester County Challenge/Team Trial ...
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20180612-1126: Alex Jospe
Billygoat 2018
The Billygoat is one of my favorite races, and also one that I happen to be very good at. Long mass start orienteering race where youre allowed to follow people? sign me up! This year, however, thanks to the knee injury, I wasnt prepared physically for this race. I had a long debate in my head as to whether I should even start, but eventually came to the conclusion that I may as well try. Who needs running training for a running race?We headed down on Saturday night to hang out with Boris and Al ...
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20180509-1434: Alex Jospe
The off season
Its been a long while since Ive had a true off season. Once I transitioned to no longer thinking of myself as an elite-wannabe-skier, the off season felt superfluous, and there was so much fun stuff happening in April! Enter years of great racing and training with the US Orienteering Team, trail races, and mountain biking.This year, Ive had a niggling, vague, undiagnosed injury all spring, that sort of appeared just after we wrapped up the ski-o World Cup. Yes, there are studies linking low slee ...
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20180330-0826: Alex Jospe
Spring Fling and Supertour
I hadnt been planning to head back to Craftsbury for the Supertour Finals. But, Ed had been in Vermont for a month, with no plans of coming home, timing various races, so that was my only chance to see him. And, it turns out, watching your heroes race in person is pretty cool. All the USST members were there, including Kikkan and Jessie from the gold medal relay team. I definitely cried when I watched that Olympic race, because it was just so cool to see Kikkan do it. Shes been driving this spor ...
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20180326-1028: Alex Jospe
Eastern Highschool Championships
The last official race of the season was the Eastern Highschool Champs, up in Rumford ME. CSU sent pretty much every kid to this race on the Massachusetts team, and I was head coach, which meant I could make all the other coaches do the work while I ate brownies and watched the races.Race venue was Black Mountain of Maine, in Rumford. I love this race course, its hard but fair, with some good climbing and lots of skiing, not just a highway. I dont love the smell of the town of Rumford, but that ...
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