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20190328-1434: Alex Jospe
Ski season: the second half
Some time after the Bogburn, I took over as the CSU head coach, without a huge amount of warning. After an initial rough patch, we ironed things out and life kept on keeping on, but this put a real damper on my own racing. Didnt stop me, though!Craftsbury Marathon(s)I showed up to the Craftsbury double-header marathon weekend, and had a great weekend of hanging out with Jess and Kathy, but the new stress of suddenly having a much fuller plate meant I wasnt very focused on the races.Saturdays cla ...
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20190121-0935: Alex Jospe
The Bogburn: two perspectives
Version 1:The indoor track workout got moved to Friday night, and I cant miss those because I paid perfectly good money to go run in teeny tiny circles. After the workout, I bribed Ed to pick me up by going out to dinner at one of our favorite brew pubs, and had too much beer and not enough water. We got home super late, so I put off all my ski prep until the next morning, when I groggily rolled out of bed and got to work on that, questioning whether this ski race was even a good idea. Mystery t ...
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20181204-1011: Alex Jospe
Blue Hills Traverse and Thanksgiving Camp
This years Blue Hills Traverse went to new parts of the Blue Hills, starting on Ponkapoag and transitioning to BH West. It was a nice course, with legit features (though 17 was annoying), friendly running with not too much green or pointy stuff or steep hills.My plan for the race was to start reasonably fast, cruising on some of my marathon fitness when on trails and roads. I knew I hadnt been in the woods much, but was hoping the residual strength would carry me through, as long as I didnt do a ...
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20181030-0532: Alex Jospe
Loco Marathon
I got the idea in my head a few years back that I wanted to run the Boston Marathon. I mean, Im a runner, I live in Boston, it only makes sense that I should do this race. But youve gotta qualify for the thing, and that means running a fast-enough road marathon before you can even sign up. And of course, I wanted to run reasonably fast, so that when people ask the inevitable oh, youre a runner? have you run a marathon? you can be like yeah, and a fast one too.Im known for my humility.After watch ...
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20181029-1257: Alex Jospe
Orienteering USA Nationals
Orienteering USA Nationals were hosted by the Southern Michigan Orienteering Club and Orienteering Cincinnati, two weekends back. The joint effort meant that the venues were spread pretty far apart, but it enabled the event to happen, which was a good thing. Middle and Sprint distance races were in South Bend, Indiana, and the long distance was up near Bishop Lake, Michigan. Two states I hadnt orienteered in before!Drive from Detroit to South Bend featured a lot of thisMiddle DistanceId had a pr ...
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20181004-1436: Alex Jospe
Pemi loop
This hike has been on my bucket list for a while, so when Ari mentioned that he wanted to run the Pemi loop this fall, I thought it might fit perfectly in with my marathon training. Kind of. At least if you look at it all squinty or something. I mean, hiking over 10,000ft of climb is totally good prep for rolling out 8-minute miles endlessly, right? Well, at the very least, this promised to fill my soul with mountain views and rocks and leaves and things, and I was all in.Unfortunately my body d ...
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