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Hands in the air
Above the sounds and ships of Stockholm, Sweden, careful navigation brings Maria Sandström to a first Park World Tour victory at Skansen outdoor museum and zoo 23.4.1999. Johanna Asklöf flies in third, 3,6 seconds behind. Which control is Johanna heading for? Check out the full course – and 120 more – in Made for loving … Continue reading Hands in the air
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20210614-1645: World Orienteering Championships 2021
Decision and detailed information about spectators in the WOC...
At the end of this week we will publish detailed information on the rules and spectator participation in the arenas of this year’s WOC . Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our official WOC 2021 website.
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20210613-2142: Judith Wyder Facebook
Sometimes it is much more than just a result! Every race alwa...
Sometimes it is much more than just a result! Every race always writes many stories. Today at XIVª Olla de Núria, the first stage of the Golden Trail Series 2021 I was able to write a wonderful story for me. Thank you to all who helped write this story and are part of my journey! And it was great to meet again all friends from the international trail running scene. 📷 Jordi Saragossa - fotògraf, Philipp Reiter, Golden Trail Series
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20210613-1523: Yannick Michiels Facebook
Sprint weekend in Antwerpen 🇧🇪 Three great or...
Sprint weekend in Antwerpen 🇧🇪 Three great orienteering trainings across Antwerpen last days. Sprint relay simulation with the BeArrows on Friday and two Antwerp Orienteers races around Bosuil today. Fastest every time, even on tired legs after another good trainingweek. 3 weeks to go 🔜 WOC2021 🇨🇿
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From an island to another
Hirokazu Osaki crossing from one of the many island to another in the Old Summer Palace of Beijing on 30.10.2017. How many different islands did the athletes cross? Make your route choices and count your islands on the map in Made for loving it.
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20210611-1647: World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021
Bulletin 3 – released and published
With only two months left until Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll will take place we now has released Bulletin 3. In this Bulletin you will find out where we will stage the arenas for our three events, long distance, middle distance and relays. All within only four days at Idre Fjäll. In a couple of weeks we will aso publish a Covid-19 Bulletin World Cup Idre Fjäll. We are working hard to find a solution where we can secure all partcipants in a good way because of the Corona pande ...
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