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20190423-0919: Australian O-Federation
NOL points after Round 2
The point score for the National Orienteering League following Easter in WA can be found here. The Canberra Cockatoos lead the senior men and both junior classes with Victoria leading senior women. In the individual competitions Natasha Key, Simon Uppill and Tara Melhuish are looking strong to defend their victories from last year although there are many races to come. ... Read More
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20190423-0835: International O-Federation
Event appointments at the latest council meeting
Orienteering Council appointed Russia as organisers for Sprint European Orienteering Championships (EOC) 2021. The suggested dates are August 23-29. The venue will be in Saransk in Republic of Mordovia. Council appointed Lithuania as organisers of the European Youth Orienteering Championships (EYOC) 2021. The suggested dates are June 25-27 and the venue is Vilnius.   Ski […]
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20190423-0047: Australian O-Federation
2019 Australian JWOC team
Orienteering Australia has offered the following athletes a place in the Australian team for the Junior World Orienteering Championships in Denmark in July. Congratulations to all athletes: Women Mikayla Cooper Tas Ella Cuthbert ACT Joanna George SA Tara Melhuish ACT Zoe Melhuish ACT Caroline Pigerre Qld Men Dante Afnan SA Alastair George NSW Angus Haines SA Aston Key Vic Patrick ... Read More
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20190422-1900: On The Red Line
JK Relays & Individual Overall
Jo, Megan and Cecilie together after their runs on Sunday (credit Iain Shepherd) It was another warm day in Southern England for the biggest relay event in the UK Calendar: the JK (Jan Kjellström) Relays. As with the other days of this JK festival pretty much everything was brilliant - planning, parking, layouts, final details, helpful officials, atmosphere. Most runners were challenged by the good courses and enjoyed t ...
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20190421-1925: On The Red Line
JK Long Results
Dave Rollins and Heather Monro There was no prizegiving for the the racing at Cold Ash today but there was a presentation by past members of the British team, represented by Heather Monro (ran at 8 x WOC, and a bronze medal in 2005) to former manager Dave Rollins who led many GB international trips. The provisional results - today only (not the two days combined) Women: Megan Carter-Davies Cecilie Andersen Lizzie Ingham Men: Chri ...
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20190421-0750: On The Red Line
JK Long Preview
Photo: Kris Jones in last years World Champs Forest Relay, by Janis Ligats for WOC2018 Latvia. (This is a republication of a post inadvertently deleted, although given how Kriss predictions turned out - not entirely Kriss fault with both tipped men not starting - we perhaps need not have bothered ) Kris Jones is not running the JK this year. He is currently recovering and training in Albuquerque, New Mexico. So we will have a n ...
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