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20171211-0916: Andrei Golovei
A new chapter begins
The last half of the year orienteering has been completely infiltrated in my life. Not just as an athlete, but also as a trainer and federation president . Now I must devide in 4 my time allocated only for trainings. All these changes has come in the last 6 months. Because of it I haven’t wrote on my blog even I have checked participations in Muntenegro, Romania, Ukraine. The orienteering algorithm that I used by now is not so functional. It’s time to invent another one to ...
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20170514-2034: Andrei Golovei
Azimut-Prietenie 2017
Ultima lună m-am ținut doar de organizat competiții. În fiecare săptămână, începeam lunea cu realizarea tuturor taskurilor pentru a organiza bine evenimentul și încheiam săptămână în calitate de arbitru principal al unui eveniment. Astăzi, am avut marea plăcere de a nu fi arbitru. Azi, am participat la competiția tradițional Azimut-Prietenie. Pentru o clipă, a fost un m ...
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20170415-0831: Andrei Golovei
First National Championship title in elite category
In March I became for the first timpe National Champion in senior category. This victory was a big surprise for me, especially after early I got a sprained to right foot. Yes, on 8th March, at training, I got this injury. Doctos said that at least 3-4 months I conuldn't run in competition. This news was disatrous because I had a great winter training sessions, getting readt properly for next season. I was annoyed about that again I would have a long recovery period and start again a ...
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20170207-1949: Andrei Golovei
New highest position for in World Sprint Ranking - 225th plac...
In February 2016, I had planned to get new heights, but after first competition I got a serious injury what disappointed me. In April was at Velikden Cup and run an WRE Sprint with that injury. Over 4 months, after a long course of treatment, in June I started again to train. Only in June I set my goals for that season: to be in TOP300 in World Sprint Ranking. To achieve this goal I participated in July in Serbia, September - Macedonia, and in November in Italy. And I achieved my goal, mor ...
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20161231-1828: Andrei Golovei
Events from December
This month was full of events - 4 events were official (competition), and other 3-5 events were something crazy moments like hiking in forest, night climbing on hight towers and caving sometimes - underground adventures. Below, I made a short list of competition from December 04.12.2016 - Winter Cup in Chisinau second stage: information about this events I had already writtent in other article. Here is a photo in GALATA club new suit. 11.12.2016 - Winter Cup in Chisinau third stage: ev ...
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20161205-1649: Andrei Golovei
8 wins in a row
A maze season began in the Winter Cup, which means that the fun begins. The most distractive type of orienteering in my opinion, that I really like. My first orienteering experience was in labyrinth 5 years ago. Perhaps, cause of this I like so much this type of orienteering. In this season, I’m not motivated to to take first places. However, when is organized a labyrinth, my pulse rises to maximum. Adrenaline is conditioned by the speed necessary to find control point, as well as my ...
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