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20210621-0022: Thomas Reynolds
Kawerau 6 hour 2021
The trick with setting the course for an adventure race is to have challenges included that suit the entire field. A challenge for the faster/stronger teams, while also taking everyone to the coolest parts of the terrain where the race is being held. The Kawerau 6 hour race is one event that consistently gets this... Read More
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20201016-1044: Thomas Reynolds
Waoku Coach Road
Do you need a ride that feels backcountry? Your regular gravel loop just isn’t cutting it? Feel that your gravel machine is capable of more than the smooth gravel of Karioi or Puhoi? Mataraua Forest and the Waoku Coach Road might be for you. Maybe. Sitting in the mid western part of Northland, Mataraua Forest... Read More
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20191208-2047: Thomas Reynolds
Marokopa Munter 2019
Marokopa is a small settlement on the West Coast of the North Island, basically head west from Waitomo until you hit the sea. The drive out includes a sample of what the terrain offers, large hills, steep valleys and a mixture of regenerating native bush, more mature stands of forest and steep farmland. The Munter... Read More
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