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20210909-1610: Swiss O-Week
Preparation of website for SOW 2023
09.09.2021 -Start of the preparations of the website for SOW 2023
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20210905-1119: Swiss O-Week
Photo shooting for the Swiss O Week 2023
05.09.2021 -This week a comprehensivephoto shooting session took place in the region ofthe Swiss O Week 2023 Flims Laax.
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20210829-2024: Swiss O-Week
First technical decisions for SOW 2023
29.08.2021 - At the recent OC meeting for the SOW 2023 Flims Laax, first technical decisions have already been made.
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20210804-1145: Swiss O-Week
The souvenir sell-off has started
04.08.2021 - The SOW souvenir sell-off has started.
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20210730-0725: Swiss O-Week
Found objects of the SOW 2021
30.07.2021 - Found objects of the SOW 2021 These items have been left behind and are looking for their owners. Contact the information desk (info [AT] swiss-o-week [DOT] ch) if you recognize any of them and would like to have them back. Also include your mailing address in the mail. The items will be cared for at the Information Desk until the end of October 2021 before they find a new home.
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20210725-2148: Swiss O-Week
Aftermovie of the SOW 2021 edition
25.07.2021 - The aftermovie of the Swiss Orienteering Week 2021 with the highlights of this week can be watched on YouTube. We look forward to seeing as many participants as possible at the SOW 2023 in Flims. {youtube}a595F5gPd_M{/youtube}
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