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20210924-1344: Gustav Bergman
Closing down the international season 2021 early
I am very proud with a lot of things this season. To win an individual sprint medal (bronze at EOC) in a fast, continental sprint was above my expectations. I am also very proud of my performances during the WOC week in Czech Republic, especially during the relays. I thoroughly enjoy racing in a team, […]
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20210924-0645: Judith Wyder Facebook
Das Red Bull Conquête du Château ist zurück!...
Das Red Bull Conquête du Château ist zurück! Das Rennen in Gruyeres fordert nicht nur durch die Streckenlänge, sondwrn auch die vielen Hindernisse auf dem Weg machen die Reise spannend uns Anspruchsvoll! Beim erklimmen des Schloss Gruyères sind aber im Ziel alle Sieger! Wer ist dabei? Link in Bio! ... ‐--------------- The Red Bull Conquête du Château is back! The race in Gruyeres is not only challenging because of the length of the course, but a ...
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20210923-1649: Yannick Michiels Facebook
🔜 Sprint weekend 🇧🇪 Coming weekend I&...
🔜 Sprint weekend 🇧🇪 Coming weekend Im running some of my last orienteering races of this year. Two domestic and exciting sprint races on my schedule. Saterday 25|09: BK Sprint - Houtem, Vilvoorde... Sunday 26|09: VK Mixed Sprint Relay - Het Rooi, Berchem
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20210920-1815: Yannick Michiels Facebook
Maasmarathon Visé 21,1km 🥈 Much faster than al...
Maasmarathon Visé 21,1km 🥈 Much faster than all previous winning times but finished only as 2nd last weekend. 😬😅 Steady start but just before 10km I got dropped by the Kenyan winner Aggrey Kiprotich Rono. Cruised into the finish in a decent 1h04:25 on a nice but hilly course. Happy about my current base level and excited for more running races this winter! Maasmarathon Visé 21,1km... 1. Aggrey Kiprotich Rono 🇰🇪 1:03:08 2. Yannick Michiels &#x ...
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20210920-1725: Colin Kolbe
When do you give up?
Looking back over the last 3 years of training..
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20210917-1640: Yannick Michiels Facebook
Running racing again 🤫 Last months has been full of o...
Running racing again 🤫 Last months has been full of orienteering goals but very excited to focus more on running races again this winter. My last real race was the Laufszene Sachsen Dresden HM 🇩🇪 on March 21. Not much specific work done yet as main racing will be in 2 months time. Still looking forward to hit the roads again this weekend! 🔜 Maasmarathon 21,1km Visé
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