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12.01: Matthias Kyburz

Altbewährtes währt am längsten!

Wie kann ich an die Erfolge der vergangenen Saison anknüpfen? Das war die Gretchenfrage meiner Sais...
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04.01: World of O

Lucky voters: Check if you won fantastic prizes!

New Years Gift: Check here if you are one of the 24 winners of the prizes worth more than 6000 Euro...
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09.01: Alessio Tenani

Sprint training camp "Senza Umbria di Gubbio"

Bellinizio dellanno con una settimana di allenamenti in Umbria: 105 km con 3000 di dislivello tra Ci...
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14.01.2022 - News from AUS
01:11 - Australian O-Federation

Nominate for the 2022 MTBO Team

Nominations are now open for the 2022 Australian MTBO team. We’re looking for Junior and Senior riders who care eligible to compete in M/W20 and M/W21 classes as we’re hoping to send a tea ...
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  TRENTINO: CI HA LASCIATO PAOLO TOMASI 20220111-1039 - Italian O-Federation
  VHI 2022 – Vets Selection Policy 20220104-1747 - Orienteering England
  SCI-O: IL CAMP APERTO A TUTTI 20220101-2153 - Italian O-Federation
  A DAVOS DUE TERZI POSTI CON STEFANIA E FRAN... 20211230-1942 - Italian O-Federation
  SCI-O: STEFY CORRADINI 2^ A DAVOS NELLA LON... 20211229-1757 - Italian O-Federation
  SCI-O: DA OGGI IN SVIZZERA PER UN ESORDIO D... 20211227-1236 - Italian O-Federation
  Nowy bieg na orientację już w s... 20211223-1428 -
  VENETO: SKI ORIENTEERING TO 2026 20211222-2221 - Italian O-Federation
09.12.2021 - News from AUS
06:52 - Australian O-Federation

2022 JWOC Training Group

Do you think you might want to try for JWOC next year? We are putting together a 2022 JWOC training group that will be open for all who are interested.  The group will be led by both the High Per ...
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02.12.2021 - News from AUS
05:16 - Australian O-Federation

OA National Team Positions 2022

Orienteering Australia is seeking volunteers to fill team manager and coach positions for WOC, JWOC and WUOC(subject to any further COVID-19 restrictions). ● World Orienteering Championships, D ...
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00:13 - Australian O-Federation

November Athlete Interview – Olivia Sprod

This month Brodie sat down with Olivia Sprod, South Australian elite orienteer who is on the rise, with an impressive NOL season in 2021. Olivia has had her fair share of Australian representation in ...
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10.11.2021 - News from AUS
01:09 - Australian O-Federation

October Athlete Interview – Patrick Jaffe

Last month Brodie Nankervis sat down with Patrick Jaffe, one of Australia’s leading senior elites. Patrick has represented Australia at 4 Junior World Champs (2015-2018), at the world champ ...
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08.11.2021 - News from AUS
23:53 - Australian O-Federation

Senior National Team Squads

OA would like to announce the 2 National Senior Squads going into 2022. We are trialling a different squad setup – High Performance and National Development. We are very excited to have secu ...
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31.10.2021 - News from AUS
05:51 - Australian O-Federation

National Integrity Manager/Unit – at least one volu...

A federal Government body, Sport Integrity Australia, was created last year to set up and administer a National Integrity Framework. This will cover sports people’s behaviour other than duri ...
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05:16 - Australian O-Federation

National Awards & Trophies Manager – volun...

Orienteering Australia has around 20 different types of annual awards and trophies.Quite a few of these include a permanent trophy.OA is seeking a volunteer (or two/three) to administer these awards a ...
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23.10.2021 - News from AUS
05:05 - Australian O-Federation

New OA Director

OA has appointed Brett Weihart to the Board as Director. With over 25 years of orienteering in Scandinavia including 3 years of coaching at WOC for the Australian team, Brett has a wealth of experienc ...
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29.09.2021 - News from AUS
06:39 - Australian O-Federation

September Athlete Interview – Emily Sorensen

Welcome to the first interview of a new series the OA High Performance Management Team is running to get to know our junior and senior elite runners. This month, Brodie sat down with Emily Sorensen. F ...
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