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20.01: Yannick Michiels Facebook

Tenerife ☀️ 🗓️ 16 days 🏃 419,8km 🗺️ 14 ...

Tenerife ☀️ 🗓️ 16 days 🏃 419,8km 🗺️ 14 map train...
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16.01: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

It`s nice to interrupt the winter training with some rac...

Its nice to interrupt the winter training with some racing. Last Saturday we won the Treslag-Staffel...
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23.01: Yannick Michiels Facebook

Abdijcross Kerkrade 🏔️ 5th place in the internation...

Abdijcross Kerkrade 🏔️ 5th place in the international Abdijcross Kerkrade last weeken...
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12.10.2021 - News from ISR
18:00 - Dan Chissick - Israel

The Greatest Orienteers

Who is the greatest orienteer of all time? I can’t decide, but I’ve just published a visualization on the subject. Thanks to Iron Quest for the motivation. Click on the link at the bottom ...
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  SOW Camping is fully booked 20230129-1000 - Swiss O-Week
  C-O: EMILIANO CORONA, IN BULGARIA ESPERIENZ... 20230125-2246 - Italian O-Federation
  I CONVOCATI PER IL TRAINING CAMP IN UNGHERI... 20230125-1158 - Italian O-Federation
  SCI-O: ANCHE OBERTILLIACH DEVE DARE FORFAIT... 20230124-1448 - Italian O-Federation
  Interland 2023 – Final England Team 20230123-1932 - Orienteering England
  VIDEO PROMO ORIENTEERING IN ALPE CIMBRA 20230123-1512 - Italian O-Federation
  Sicilia - 2^ tappa campionato scolastico 20230120-1800 - Italian O-Federation
  VHI 2023 – Vets Selection Policy 20230118-1700 - Orienteering England
03.07.2021 - News from ISR
12:00 - Dan Chissick - Israel

How not to start a WOC

No, not our national team, but the organisers. I was following the GPS tracking of the Sprint Qualification this morning, and wondering why all the runners in Men C (where our top orienteer Nitsan Yas ...
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JK 2023 Lake District Alun @ Nopesport (10:00)
Map Analysis -- How would @ Attackpoint (06:04)
Anyone up for some advent @ Attackpoint-Events (03:26)
Idrottsbojkott av Rysslan @ Orienterare (02:30)

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01.07.2021 - News from ISR
19:00 - Dan Chissick - Israel

How not to end a season

Our orienteering season ended a couple of weeks ago, after a series of sprint races. It’s too hot now for competitive orienteering here, but good luck to our team at WOC! Usually I don’t c ...
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20.06.2021 - News from ISR
20:00 - Dan Chissick - Israel

Back (pun intended)

I’m back from a back problem, just in time for the end of the orienteering season and the start of high summer. What happened to my back? Nobody knows, of course. It started gradually over a few ...
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27.03.2021 - News from ISR
19:00 - Dan Chissick - Israel

Israeli Championships 2021

Last weekend was the highlight of the season – The Israeli Championship. Already a bit late in the year, with the undergrowth growing a bit tall, but we had very good weather and two great new m ...
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13.03.2021 - News from ISR
21:00 - Dan Chissick - Israel

A Changing of the Guard

The season has started (very late, of course, because of COVID-19), and the first two national events are behind us, with the Israeli Championship already looming on the horizon – next weekend. ...
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03.03.2021 - News from ISR
22:00 - Dan Chissick - Israel

Looking Forward

The 2020-2021 orienteering season has just started. After the “training” events of December we had another month of total lockdown, and another month of training, but now competitions are ...
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Yannick Michiels Facebook Tenerife O-Camp 👌 Part 1 of my stay on Tenerife is over. ... (14.01 16:05)

International O-Federation Join the European Universities Championship in August (25.01 11:41)

Austrian O-Federation OL Heeres-Leistungssportler schaffen Grundlagen (25.01 00:30)

Judith Wyder Facebook I find the beauty of running in the winter to be unparallele... (18.01 20:42)

Danish O-Federation Indbydelse til VM-testlb (24.01 13:39)

Austrian O-Federation Popup war Schimre – Update zu Krnten Ski-O Cuplu... (23.01 19:38)

Daniel Hubmann Facebook It`s nice to interrupt the winter training with some racing.... (16.01 08:09)

Orienteering England Interland 2023 – Final England Team (23.01 19:32)

Finnish Orienteering Federation Opiskelijoiden EM-suunnistukset Sveitsiss 24.-27. elokuuta (25.01 10:48)

Ursula Kadan Facebook Little side leap to ski-o: As the main topic of the trainer ... (12.01 16:43)

Norwegian O-Federation Bli med p pen sprintsamling i Oslo til helga! (24.01 03:38)

Swiss Orienteering Erfolgreiche Krtelertagung 2023 (27.01 15:58)

Austrian O-Federation MTBO goes Cyclocross (23.01 00:30)

Austrian O-Federation Ski-O Double Sprint in Wien (26.01 13:31)

German O-Federation Bundeskader Przisionsorientieren 2023 (25.01 00:29) Začn Olympida dět a mldeže. Sledujte nejen LOB! (23.01 07:32)

Pre-o Eliten rets pre-o-post 2022 (25.01 19:00)

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