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25.02: Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Some action from the Swiss Team camp in Fontainebleau, w...

Some action from the Swiss Team camp in Fontainebleau, which is a great area for orienteering traini...
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23.02: Tove Alexandersson


21-22 Februari 2021 får betecknas som Toves definitiva genombrott i Ski Mountaineering. En &ou...
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20.02: Tove Alexandersson


Tove tog idag, lördag 20 februari, sin första seger i ISMF World Cup Ski Mountaineering ge...
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26.02.2021 - News in ENG
11:31 - International O-Federation

Euromeeting cancelled

Euromeeting, also called pre-WOC, was originally planned for autumn 2020. Following strict restrictions in the host country the Czech Republic, Euromeeting was re-scheduled for 12-14 March this year b ...
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09:48 - World Orienteering Championships 2021

Euromeeting had to be cancelled

Official statement from WOC 2021   Euromeeting cancelled, training embargo in place The Covid-19 pandemic situation in the Czech Republic has deteriorated significantly over the past weeks an ...
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06:00 - International O-Federation

World Champion Maja Alm will be back in the forest for WOC 20...

The 7-time World Champion from Denmark, Maja Alm, has announced that she will be back in orienteering in 2021. – My goal will be the long distance and the relay at the World Orienteering Cha ...
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  SCI-O: STEFY CORRADINI 16^ NELLA PURSUIT. R... 20210225-1619 - Italian O-Federation
  SCI-O: DEBUTTO SPRINT CON SUCCESSO PER KISE... 20210224-1832 - Italian O-Federation
  Class updates in your booking 20210223-1600 - O-Ringen
  Last chance for souvenirs from SOW 2019 Gst... 20210223-0904 - Swiss O-Week
  SM-sprintti 2020: Se, mikä jäi tekemättä 20210223-0000 - Tuomo Mäkelä
  Swiss O Week camping 20210222-1800 - Swiss O-Week
  GIORNATA DI TEST SPRINT A ORISTANO 20210215-1909 - Italian O-Federation
  The Swiss O Week 2021 Arosa will definitely... 20210213-1800 - Swiss O-Week
25.02.2021 - News in ENG
19:06 - Daniel Hubmann Facebook

Some action from the Swiss Team camp in Fontainebleau, which ...

Some action from the Swiss Team camp in Fontainebleau, which is a great area for orienteering training. To enter the camp everyone needed a negative PCR-test and now we are living, eating and driving ...
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16:20 - Yannick Michiels Facebook

Back to work 🏃‍♂️ A bit earlier tha...

Back to work 🏃‍♂️ A bit earlier than expected but very happy with our little boy Mats ♡ (19.02.2021). Everything is going well and excited for this new challenges in m ...
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01:56 - Australian O-Federation

200th Anniversary edition of the Australian Orienteer magazin...

The 200th Anniversary edition of the Australian Orienteer magazine is now available. The magazine is available digitally here. Printed copies will be in the post soon.
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Latest from Orienteering Forums
Silly Season 2021 @ Orienterare (16:00)
Restart of O mikey @ Nopesport (16:00)
POSTPONED until 2022 @ Attackpoint-Events (15:48)
Cheating in orienteering @ Attackpoint (14:37)
Coronavirus 2020 - p&arin @ Orienterare (13:08)
Lochaber 2021 Scottish 6 Gross @ Nopesport (10:57)
Kartnormen 2017 är h @ Orienterare (10:25)

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24.02.2021 - News in ENG
05:41 - Orienteering Canada

2021 Canadian Orienteering Championships postponed until 2022

Canadian Rockies Orienteering Festival Postponed until 2022 Due to the continuing safety uncertainties surrounding Covid 19, the Kootenay Orienteering Club, Foothills Orienteering, the Alberta Orient ...
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23.02.2021 - News in ENG
10:39 - Australian O-Federation

New constitution for Orienteering Australia

The conversion of Orienteering Australia to a company limited by guarantee was unanimously agreed by a Special General Meeting held on Monday night. As part of the change, a new Constitution for Orien ...
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05:41 -

Three controls missing?

Thousands of people filled Laxå, Sweden, for a giant fair on 2.8.1997. Mapmaker and course setter Tage Hammer got some of them into the forest, watching a surprise on the Park World Tour course. What ...
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22.02.2021 - News in ENG
08:18 - World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021

Information about accommodation for OWC 2021 National teams

Our Presenting Partner Idre Fjäll has now published special offers for participating teams at Orienteering World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021. All information can be found at IOF Eventor;  https ...
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20.02.2021 - News in ENG
07:42 -

Blooming smiles

These athletes had a lot of reason for their happy smiles. Not only they did amazingly well in the race but also got to experience orienteering in yet a new interesting map in Beijing, in a venue that ...
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19.02.2021 - News in ENG
10:13 - International O-Federation

Speakers Corner 2021

In Speakers Corner you will meet some of the best orienteers in the world. Per Forsberg, the Event Director of Orienteering World Cup Round 2 – 2021 in Idre Fjäll, has invited both inte ...
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18.02.2021 - News in ENG
22:10 - World Orienteering Championships 2021

OCAD is partner of WOC 2021 and plays essential role in creat...

WOC 2021 organizers started the cooperation with OCAD AG and its Czech representation The organizing team received OCAD software versions Orienteering and Course Setting that have been used f ...
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04:05 - Australian O-Federation


Funding is available through Women & Leadership Australia to support the development of female leaders across Australia’s Sport and Recreation industry. The initiative is providing ...
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17.02.2021 - News in ENG
06:44 -

This is how we do it

Pierpaolo Corona and Laure Coupat got some good advice from local host Svein Erik Mellem in Flisa, Norway, 26.6.1997. One of the smallest towns to host the Park World Tour welcomed the participants wa ...
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15.02.2021 - News in ENG
20:18 - Ursula Kadan Facebook

Wieder einmal ein perfekter Tag auf Langlaufski! 🤩 &#...

Wieder einmal ein perfekter Tag auf Langlaufski! 🤩 🔝 Bedingungen auf der Joglland Loipe St. Jakob/ W. (so schnell wie heute war ich noch nie diesen Winter) 🔝 ausgerüstet ...
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18:11 - Yannick Michiels Facebook

MONACORUN 5KM (13:55 road PB) 🇲🇨 Happy to sta...

MONACORUN 5KM (13:55 road PB) 🇲🇨 Happy to start the 2021 racing with a good race in Monaco. Tough weather conditions for everyone but proud to break 14min again. Grateful to be in this ...
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15:33 - International O-Federation

IOF approach to Covid-19 secure events

The Covid-19 pandemic has over the last year hit the world and changed the life conditions for most of us. Sports is heavily influenced and so is orienteering. Many competitions, on all levels and in ...
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14.02.2021 - News in ENG
20:26 - Martin Hubmann Facebook

NORDA is an educational film of Swiss Orienteering where basi...

NORDA is an educational film of Swiss Orienteering where basics of map reading and various signatures of an orienteering map are explained. 🧭 🎥 Puresive Films
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13.02.2021 - News in ENG
13:30 - International O-Federation

Athletes from Russia to compete with neutral status at IOF Wo...

When the World Ski Orienteering Championships in Estonia starts with the Sprint competitions on February 24th, participating athletes from Russia will be competing with neutral status. This means they ...
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07:35 -

Choose your cottage

Linqigu orienteering town and its 2017 opened PWT International Orienteering Park offered the surroundings for the latest PWT race to have taken place, 9.11.2019. Galina Vinogradova was the fastest in ...
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11.02.2021 - News in ENG
17:26 - Yannick Michiels Facebook

Race weekend 🔥 Challenging and unusual running condit...

Race weekend 🔥 Challenging and unusual running conditions last week but able to train well. Not often we get that much snow and cold weather. Excited for my first race in 2021. Next ➡&# ...
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10.02.2021 - News in ENG
19:00 - World Orienteering Championships 2021

Road to WOC #2: Snap of the cartographic works

  Road to WOC. Part 2 of the new series brought to you by the WOC 2021 crew and is ready. Today we will give you a snap of the cartographic works. What is the status of the map prep ...
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17:04 - Orienteering Canada

2021 Senior National Team

Christian Michelsen Year of Birth: 1999Club: Dontgetlost, Växjö OK Hometown: Hamilton, ONCurrently Living: Växjö, SwedenOccupation: StudentTraining Log How did you first get invol ...
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15:52 - Orienteering Canada

2021 Senior Development Team

Adam Woods Year of Birth: 1994Club: GVOCHometown: Coquitlam, BCCurrently Living: Vancouver, BCOccupation: Software DeveloperTraining LogTwitter @a_runwoodsrun How did you first get involved in orient ...
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14:11 - International O-Federation

UNOFFICIAL 7th WOC in Catching Features – Starts no...

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown that orienteering in electronic forms can be very attractive. A sign of that was the popular TrailO Torus Advent calendar which attracted more than 1000 participants ar ...
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03:40 - Orienteering Canada

2021 Junior Development Team

Andrew McLaren Year of Birth: 2003 Club: FWOC Hometown: Calgary, ABCurrently Living: Calgary, ABOccupation: Student Training LogInstagram: @Andrew_j_mclaren How did you first ...
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03:38 - Orienteering Canada

2021 Junior National Team

Alec LeHelloco Year of Birth: 2004Club: OOC; OPA Montigny (France)Hometown: Ottawa, ONCurrently Living: Gif-sur-Yvette, FranceOccupation: Student How did you first get involved in orienteering? When ...
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09.02.2021 - News in ENG
14:03 - International O-Federation

Updated offer from OCAD for WOD 2021

OCAD is one of World Orienteering Day’s partners. Andreas Kyburz at OCAD says; “We at OCAD are enthusiastic orienteers and orienteering mapmakers. Therefore, we would be happy if many ...
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10:49 -

City centre entertainment

The busiest street in central Jyväskylä, Finland, turned into start and finish arena for the Park World Tour that Friday, 13.6.1997. You could place your bets and spend 1.5 hours watching the worldâ ...
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07.02.2021 - News in ENG
23:59 - Australian O-Federation

Map Embargoes for the 1st NOL weekend, 2021

The following embargoes are in place until after the first NOL round on the 13-14th March 2021 All land bound between Willowbank Rd, Aitkin st and Melton Rd, Gisborne The area covered by the Mt Alexan ...
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16:57 - Yannick Michiels Facebook

Winter training ❄❄❄ Two weeks ago I was ...

Winter training ❄❄❄ Two weeks ago I was running in the heat of South Africa. Today was slightly different at the BeArrows sprint orienteering training in Antwerpen. Fun to be back ...
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10:57 - International O-Federation

Successful digital IOF High Level Event Seminar

On Saturday February 6th, the IOF Foot Orienteering Commission organised the High Level Event Seminar for the 13th time – but for the first time in a digital format using MS Teams. The semin ...
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09:54 - World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021

Speakers Corner #6 – Miika Kirmula

A silver medal that tasted like gold Maybe Miika Kirmula and his team mates, all of them almost the same age, will bring Finland back to podiums and medals again because the Finnish men have been stru ...
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09:54 - World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021

Speakers Corner #5 – Isia Basset

French orienteering is not only men She lives in the southern part of France and is now putting all efforts to take the next step in her career. - Now I can say I´m a professional orienteer. I w ...
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04.02.2021 - News in ENG
02:08 - Australian O-Federation

National Team Positions 2021

Orienteering Australia is seeking volunteers to fill team manager and coach positions for WOC and JWOC teams in 2021 (subject to COVID-19 – see below). World Orienteering Championships, Czech Re ...
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03.02.2021 - News in ENG
05:27 -

As fast as you can

Janne Salmi and the Park World Tour got an inspiring pacemaker in Eskilstuna, Sweden, 2.5.1997. The season opening among wild animals and carousels, accompanied by a rock band, brought the Tour a new ...
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02.02.2021 - News in ENG
13:04 - International O-Federation

Extended application period for IOF major events

During the last IOF Council meeting on January 15th, Council decided to extend the bidding period for some major IOF events to allow for further bidders. Major events for which the bidding period is e ...
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31.01.2021 - News in ENG
14:00 - Daniel Hubmann Facebook

This weekend I've been doing some tricky fortress oriente...

This weekend Ive been doing some tricky fortress orienteering in France, which might be relevant for the World Champs sprint this summer in Czech Republic!
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11:37 - Australian O-Federation

National Orienteering League Guidelines Updated

Orienteering Australia has released the January 2021 update of its National Orienteering League Guidelines. The updated documents can be found in the Operation Manual here. Direct link to &a ...
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30.01.2021 - News in ENG
18:15 - World Orienteering Championships 2021

Bulletin for Euromeeting has been published

The Euromeeting which has been postponed twice should take place on March 12-14, 2021. Now, bulletin for a new version of Euromeeting has been published.
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29.01.2021 - News in ENG
17:05 - Yannick Michiels Facebook

Back home 🤩 Great training camp behind me in South Af...

Back home 🤩 Great training camp behind me in South Africa. Full target on (hopefully) some big races this year!
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13:05 - International O-Federation

European Junior and Youth Orienteering Championships cancelle...

The latest victim of the restrictions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic is the European Junior and Youth Orienteering Championships 2020, which was scheduled to be held in Salgótarján, Hun ...
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05:25 - Australian O-Federation

2021 National Teams Selection Criteria and Nominations

Selection criteria have been published and nominations are open for the following national teams in 2021: World Orienteering Championships Junior World Orienteering Championships Selection criteria ca ...
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28.01.2021 - News in ENG
07:47 - Martin Hubmann Facebook


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27.01.2021 - News in ENG
19:00 - World Orienteering Championships 2021

Welcome to Road to WOC

Welcome to Road to WOC. Series of articles, interviews, and analysis prepared by the WOC 2021 organizers together with Every 14 days you can read new interesting facts about the highlights ...
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16:14 - International O-Federation

Nominations period for Athletes Representatives opened

At the IOF General Assembly in 2020, an important change was made to the IOF Statutes opening for the direct representation of 2 Athletes Representatives as voting members on the IOF Council, beginnin ...
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08:22 -

Boys and girl of the bus

Having rolled down from Sweden with a busful of top orienteers, journalists and organisers, driver Ingemar Carlund was thanked by Park World Tour champions Jörgen Mårtensson and Reeta Kolkkala after ...
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04:00 - Australian O-Federation


With the term of office for Orienteering Australia’s Head Coach ending, Orienteering Australia is looking to fill the position, initially for the 2021 – 2022 period, with an option to ...
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03:55 - Australian O-Federation


Orienteering Australia (OA) is seeking a passionate leader to continue the development of orienteering coaching nationally. The successful candidate will be appointed initially for a one year term wit ...
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Yannick Michiels Facebook MONACORUN 5KM (13:55 road PB) 🇲🇨 Happy to start the 20... (15.02 18:11)

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