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12.12: World of O

Route to Christmas: Day 12 2019

Todays leg in Route to Christmas is a long, special leg from a traditional night-orienteering series...
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11.12: World of O

Route to Christmas: Day 11 2019

Todays edition of Route to Christmas to Christmas travels to Spain where we study a 2600 meter long ...
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10.12: World of O

Vote for Course of the Year 2019 Now!

Set up your personal Top 5 List from the nominated maps – and win prizes from our sponsors! T...
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13.12: World of O

Route to Christmas: Day 13 2019

In todays Route to Christmas we travel to Estonia and the Baltic Championships Long distance, organi...
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10.12: World of O

Route to Christmas: Day 10 2019

Todays leg in Route to Christmas is an interesting long leg in broken terrain at O-festivalen in Nor...
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10.12: Silje Ekroll Jahren

World Cup China

The last World Cup of 2019 was held in China in the end of October. The middle distance was a big di...
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16.10.2019 - News in ESP
11:42 - Raul Ferra

Maximus Winter O-Camp

The Maximus Winter O-Camp in Spain is getting ready to host some of the best clubs and national teams in the world. Check all the info in our webpage: Ill be the Director of the ...
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  #13: We all have a team mate like this 20191213-1540 - Orienteering Memes
  LA SICILIA RILANCIA LE AREE MONTANE CON L&#... 20191213-1453 - Italian O-Federation
  #12: Orienteering dating 101 20191212-1535 - Orienteering Memes
  #11: Reading a map is tricky. Reading a map... 20191211-1530 - Orienteering Memes
  #10: How do you recognize an Orienteer? 20191210-1535 - Orienteering Memes
  JHI 2020 – Selection Policy 20191210-1307 - Orienteering England
  #9: Navigating through the arena at Oriente... 20191209-1630 - Orienteering Memes
  #8: Over many years IOF have shown that the... 20191208-1330 - Orienteering Memes
28.05.2019 - News in ESP
19:43 - Raul Ferra

WOC 2019: Spanish Selection Races (movie)

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The Last O/NA @ Attackpoint (16:34)
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Re: Tyndt. Medlem a @ O-snak (14:48)
Re: Tyndt. nok er n @ O-snak (14:43)
Digital kartritning med G @ Orienterare (14:15)
Re: Tyndt. Ked af d @ O-snak (14:10)
More infamy for orienteer @ Attackpoint (12:57)
Re: Tyndt. lvj @ O-snak (11:59)
Route to Christmas: Day 1 Markus @ (08:12)

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08.04.2019 - News in ESP
15:54 - Raul Ferra

V Trofeo Requena - WRE

Tough weekend in Requena taking part in the 3rd Spanish National League and Long Distance WRE. Good performance in an (let’s say) “untypical” middle distance, very bad weather cond ...
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01.04.2019 - News in ESP
16:21 - Raul Ferra

Winter Camp in Spain? Don't miss out MOM 2020

Maybe the best terrain in Spain!
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25.03.2019 - News in ESP
18:00 - Raul Ferra

Trofeo Quijotes 2019

Great weekend in Toledo, running 2nd Spanish League (Trofeo Quijotes). Good performance and growing up my shape for the upcoming main goals of the season. First place🥇 -- Estupendo fin de s ...
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17.03.2019 - News in ESP
16:24 - Raul Ferra

KOOVEE: Trail running Hubelj

Having some fun climbing up Hubelj in my last day of training camp in Slovenia. Thanks Koovee guys for so great days. See you soon! -- Teniendo un poco de diversión ascendiendo Hubelj en m ...
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08:52 - Raul Ferra

KOOVEE: Interval session in Slovenia

I share my first video as both cameraman and editor. Good interval training session and very challenging doing my intervals and filming in the rest periods! Hope you´ll like it. -- Comparto ...
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14.03.2019 - News in ESP
13:16 - Raul Ferra

LipicaOpen 2019: 12th place overall

Happy after some holidays in Slovenia🇸🇮(my first time in the country) taking part inLipica Openwith over 1300 participants andKoovee suunnistustraining camp. Quite stable races (excep ...
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