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12.01: Matthias Kyburz

Altbewährtes währt am längsten!

Wie kann ich an die Erfolge der vergangenen Saison anknüpfen? Das war die Gretchenfrage meiner Sais...
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04.01: World of O

Lucky voters: Check if you won fantastic prizes!

New Years Gift: Check here if you are one of the 24 winners of the prizes worth more than 6000 Euro...
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09.01: Alessio Tenani

Sprint training camp "Senza Umbria di Gubbio"

Bellinizio dellanno con una settimana di allenamenti in Umbria: 105 km con 3000 di dislivello tra Ci...
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19.12.2021 - News in SUI
14:08 - Swiss O-Week

Seasons Greetings!

24.12.2021 - The Swiss O Week 2023 wishes you and your family a good start into the New Year! We are already looking forward welcoming you in Flims Laax Falera in July 2023.
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  TRENTINO: CI HA LASCIATO PAOLO TOMASI 20220111-1039 - Italian O-Federation
  VHI 2022 – Vets Selection Policy 20220104-1747 - Orienteering England
  SCI-O: IL CAMP APERTO A TUTTI 20220101-2153 - Italian O-Federation
  A DAVOS DUE TERZI POSTI CON STEFANIA E FRAN... 20211230-1942 - Italian O-Federation
  SCI-O: STEFY CORRADINI 2^ A DAVOS NELLA LON... 20211229-1757 - Italian O-Federation
  SCI-O: DA OGGI IN SVIZZERA PER UN ESORDIO D... 20211227-1236 - Italian O-Federation
  Nowy bieg na orientację już w s... 20211223-1428 -
  VENETO: SKI ORIENTEERING TO 2026 20211222-2221 - Italian O-Federation
13.12.2021 - News in SUI
23:12 - Swiss O-Week

SOW 2021 in the o-magazine "Compass Sport"

17.12.2021 -Another exciting review of the Swiss O Week 2021 Arosa from an international perspective at the end of the year. The British magazine Compass Sport reviews the big event in the Arosa mount ...
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03.12.2021 - News in SUI
00:47 - Swiss O-Week

Christmas present

02.12.2021- Are you looking for a Christmas present? For example, the maps of the 2023 SOW competition areasare available in the webshop.
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30.10.2021 - News in SUI
17:58 - Swiss O-Week

SOW has been quoted as model of success

30.10.2021 -The Swiss Federal Office of Sport has been organising a conference on careers in sports management on 27 October 2021 in collaboration with Swiss sports managers and other partners. Swiss ...
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26.10.2021 - News in SUI
20:57 - Swiss O-Week

Working weekend in the region Flims Laax

26.10.2021 - Last weekend, the organising committee visited the region where Swiss O Week 2023 will be held.
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28.09.2021 - News in SUI
12:30 - Swiss O-Week

The SOW orienteering tree is on holiday

28.09.2021 - Due to construction work, the orienteering tree is currently on holiday in a tree nursery.
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