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09.12: World of O

Route to Christmas: Day 9 2022

Todays leg in Route to Christmas 2022 is from a night orienteering race in Norway - in foggy we...
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10.12: World of O

Route to Christmas: Day 10 2022

- The leg to the 2nd control is one of the best route choice legs I’ve seen this year, an...
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07.12: World of O

Route to Christmas: Day 7 2022

- The best long distance I’ve ever run in Czech Republic. For this I do orienteering, Cze...
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03.12.2022 - News in SUI
13:02 - Swiss O-Week

The course data is published

03.12.2022 - The course setters have finished their home work and the course detailsof the 6stagesare published here.
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  #JWOC MINISERIE: EPISODIO 3 20221209-2131 - Italian O-Federation
  MINISERIE: EPISODIO 2 20221208-2231 - Italian O-Federation
  FVG: LA STAFFETTA TELETHON CHE HA BEN FIGUR... 20221206-1626 - Italian O-Federation
  The course data is published 20221203-1302 - Swiss O-Week
  LA MINISERIE JWOC 2022 SULLA NAZIONALE JUNI... 20221201-1731 - Italian O-Federation
  TEAM FISO FVG ALLA STAFFETTA TELETHON 2022 20221201-1135 - Italian O-Federation
  7 DICEMBRE IL MEETING ON LINE DELLE RAPPRES... 20221130-1135 - Italian O-Federation
  Swiss O Week welcomes all families 20221126-1400 - Swiss O-Week
26.11.2022 - News in SUI
14:00 - Swiss O-Week

Swiss O Week welcomes all families

26.11.2022 - Orienteering is a family sport – especially cross-generational too. Orienteering is a great holiday experience. Thats why the Swiss O Week offers special short courses with free sta ...
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Lakeland Warrior - 3/4th Scott @ Nopesport (00:53)

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19.11.2022 - News in SUI
10:13 - Swiss O-Week

SOW and WOC presence in the LAAX Winterguide

20.11.2022- In the latest edition of the LAAX Winterguide, Swiss O Week 2023 and WOC 2023 feature prominently in a double-page advertisement.
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18.11.2022 - News in SUI
11:25 - Swiss O-Week

Preview Video Swiss O Week 2023 Flims Laax

18.11.2022 - The preview video of the Swiss O Week 2023 is published.
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30.10.2022 - News in SUI
22:58 - Swiss O-Week

Insight into the Tectonic Arena Sardona

31.10.2022 - The Tectonic Arena Sardona is a unique illustration of the formation of mountain ranges. It has kept numerous geologists busy over the past 200 years. However, it is also a constantly evo ...
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22.02.2021 - News in SUI
18:00 - Swiss O-Week

Swiss O Week camping

09.11.2022 - Finally we can offer SOW camping facilities. The relevant information is given here.
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Fjord-O 2024 is organized in beautiful Fjord Norway with two races close to Bergen (Totland) and two races in the mountain terrain in Kvamskogen, one hours drive from Bergen towards the Hardanger Fjord.

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Yannick Michiels Facebook Cross Arendonk 🥇 Long solo effort to end another good tra... (04.12 15:57)

German O-Federation Kick-Off Elitekader (09.12 08:48)

World of O Route to Christmas: Day 10 2022 (10.12 05:00)

Norwegian O-Federation Landslagssamling i ski-o: «Utbyttet ble mye bedre enn vi ku... (05.12 02:38)

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Austrian O-Federation 4. Dezember (04.12 00:30)

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