Status report from websites

News are collected from web-sites at regular intervals. Below you see the status of the web sites when news was collected last time, at Sun Jan 29 10:00:01 2023.

Page nameStatusNews itemsTimeDate/time statusNewest entry
Eva JurenikovaOK0 items0 secNo time info found.
Silje Ekroll JahrenOK0 items1 sec
Bedriftsorientering HordalandOK10 items0 sec20230126-1938
Swiss O-WeekOK6 items0 sec20230129-1000
World of OOK4 items0 sec20230103-0800
Tim Robertson FacebookOK15 items1 sec20220524-1810
Yannick Michiels FacebookOK15 items0 sec20230123-1739
International O-FederationOK12 items1 sec20230126-1741
Italian O-FederationOK50 items0 sec20230125-2246
Daniel Hubmann FacebookOK15 items0 sec20230116-0809
Czech O-FederationOK30 items2 sec20230128-2301
Czech Orienteering TeamOK30 items0 sec20230127-1003
Orienterare.nuOK2 items0 sec20210718-2256
Emily KempOK0 items0 sec
Gustav BergmanOK4 items1 sec20221230-1300
Celine DodinOK9 items0 sec20211103-2258
Riina KuuseloOK0 items0 sec
Sarina JenzerOK0 items1 sec
Sabine HauswirthOK0 items0 sec
Danish O-FederationOK15 items1 sec20230124-1339
Mårten BoströmOK0 items0 sec
Swiss OrienteeringOK10 items1 sec20230113-1451
German O-FederationOK10 items1 sec20230125-0029
The Run In PodcastOK41 items0 sec20220930-1643
Austrian O-FederationOK8 items0 sec20230126-1331
Göran WinbladOK10 items1 sec20210906-1549
Daniel HubmannOK6 items0 sec20221014-0800
Norwegian O-FederationOK10 items0 sec20230129-0143
Orienteering EnglandOK10 items2 sec20230123-1932
On The Red LineOK10 items1 sec20230123-1315
O-Norge.noOK0 items1 sec
NOPESPORTOK0 items0 sec
Swedish O-FederationFailed interpreting rss feed0 items0 sec
Halden SK EliteOK10 items0 sec20221112-1712
Elena RoosOK18 items1 sec20221221-1454
Marianne AndersenOK0 items1 sec
Australian O-FederationOK10 items4 sec20230124-0953
Orienteering MemesOK15 items0 sec20221003-1744
Fredrik JohanssonOK3 items1 sec20210505-0810
PWT.orgOK10 items4 sec20221120-1121
Martin RegbornOK0 items0 sec
Tove AlexanderssonOK10 items1 sec20210702-1729
Joey HadornOK8 items0 sec20221024-2320
Alessio TenaniOK11 items1 sec20230111-1114
Colin KolbeOK10 items0 sec20230105-0850
Vinogradov BlogOK3 items1 sec20211219-1722
World Orienteering Championships 2021Failed interpreting rss feed0 items1 sec
Tobia PezzatiOK6 items0 sec20221113-1638
Thomas ReynoldsOK1 items1 sec20210621-0022
Martin HubmannOK3 items0 sec20220715-1800
Judith Wyder FacebookOK15 items0 sec20230118-2042
Biegnaorientacje.plOK10 items1 sec20221219-1251
Swedish O-FederationFailed interpreting rss feed0 items1 sec
World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021OK10 items0 sec20210816-0659
Finnish Orienteering FederationOK10 items1 sec20230125-1048
Julia GrossOK1 items1 sec20210216-1655
Ursula Kadan FacebookOK15 items0 sec20230112-1643
Florian SchneiderOK3 items5 sec20220416-2238
French Orienteering FederationOK15 items1 sec20230124-0938
Dan Chissick - IsraelOK7 items0 sec20211012-1800
Ivarnational Orienteering PodcastOK29 items0 sec20230124-0115
Varegg OrienteringOK6 items2 sec20210831-1041
On The Red LineOK6 items0 sec20220801-1600
Matthias KyburzOK10 items0 sec20221227-2115
Maja Alm FacebookOK15 items0 sec20220306-1014
Swiss OrienteeringOK10 items0 sec20230127-1558
Florian HowaldOK2 items0 sec20220623-0927
Tuomo MäkeläOK1 items0 sec20210223-0000
Martin Hubmann FacebookOK15 items0 sec20230109-2111
Susen LöschOK5 items0 sec20220423-1309
Pre-o ElitenOK25 items1 sec20230125-1900
Sabine Hauswirth FabebookOK15 items0 sec20221001-1747
O-ZeugsOK3 items0 sec20221004-0046
Swiss OrienteeringOK10 items0 sec20230113-1451
Jonas EggerOK2 items1 sec20220410-1958
Nydalens Skiklub EliteOK0 items2 sec
Orienteering CanadaFailed interpreting rss feed0 items5 sec
O-training.netFailed interpreting rss feed0 items0 sec
Scottish Orienteering AssociationOK10 items1 sec20230127-1432
Nordhordland Orientering FacebookOK15 items0 sec20221003-0935
O-news.czOK10 items1 sec20230128-1903
Gernot Kerschbaumer FacebookOK15 items0 sec20220804-2038
Sites included in 'World of O'
Australian O-Federation

Austrian O-Federation
Gernot Kerschbaumer Facebook
Ursula Kadan Facebook

Yannick Michiels Facebook

Emily Kemp
Orienteering Canada

Czech O-Federation
Czech Orienteering Team
Eva Jurenikova

Danish O-Federation
Maja Alm Facebook

Ivarnational Orienteering Podcast
On The Red Line
Orienteering England
Orienteering Memes
Scottish Orienteering Association
The Run In Podcast

Finnish Orienteering Federation
Mårten Boström
Riina Kuuselo
Tuomo Mäkelä

Celine Dodin
French Orienteering Federation

Colin Kolbe
German O-Federation
Susen Lösch


International O-Federation
World Cup Idre Fjäll 2021
World Orienteering Championships 2021

Dan Chissick - Israel

Alessio Tenani
Italian O-Federation

Bedriftsorientering Hordaland
Halden SK Elite
Marianne Andersen
Nordhordland Orientering Facebook
Norwegian O-Federation
Nydalens Skiklub Elite
Pre-o Eliten
Silje Ekroll Jahren
Varegg Orientering
World of O

Thomas Reynolds
Tim Robertson Facebook


Vinogradov Blog

Daniel Hubmann
Daniel Hubmann Facebook
Elena Roos
Florian Howald
Florian Schneider
Joey Hadorn
Jonas Egger
Judith Wyder Facebook
Julia Gross
Martin Hubmann
Martin Hubmann Facebook
Matthias Kyburz
Sabine Hauswirth
Sabine Hauswirth Fabebook
Sarina Jenzer
Swiss O-Week
Swiss Orienteering
Tobia Pezzati

Fredrik Johansson
Göran Winblad
Gustav Bergman
Martin Regborn
Swedish O-Federation
Tove Alexandersson